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Why do men have deeper voices than women?

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Reporter: Erika Engelhaupt
Mentor: Elaine Heinzman

Getty Images
Most of us take it for granted that men have deeper voices than women. Scientists are learning why we associate a deep baritone with being manly.

Technology enhances athletic a price

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Reporter: Josh Figueira
Mentor: Danny Zwerdling

Springbak Speed Soles
From high-tech golf clubs that tack fifty yards onto your swing, to in-soles that add inches to your vertical leap, technology is changing the way people play sports. But that technology comes with a price -- and that price may be more than just monetary.

Gamers Anonymous

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Reporter: Shaleem Thompson
Mentor: Peter Overby

We've heard of drug addicts, alcohol addicts and even sex addicts...but in recent years, many Americans have become online gaming addicts. This new technology has consumed many peoples' lives -- children and adults alike. Here's an inside look at this addiction and at what is being done to curb it.

Congress: the world is their playground

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Reporter: Jason Hesch
Producer: Jonathan Wellemeyer
Mentor: Felix Contreras

The US Congress has been referred to as the most exclusive club in the world. But with only 535 members, Congress is more like an exclusive private school. There are class rivalries, extracurricular activities, a gym, a cafeteria... and the world is their playground.

The Future of Community Gardening in Los Angeles

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Reporter: Clare Abreu
Producer: David Kates
Mentor: Shereen Meraji

Yvonne Savio
Last summer, a group of farmers in South Central Los Angeles were kicked off the land they had been tending for a decade. South Central Farm fed 350 families, most of them working-class immigrants from Latin America. The neighborhood has a long history of crime, blight and pollution... and the farm had been an oasis from those problems. When a developer bought the land, he sparked a three-year battle that's only now being resolved.

Executive Producer: Adeline Goss

Host: Kyle Lowden
Music Director: Rob Charnley
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The "Whole Foods Effect": a grocery's role in transforming cities

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Reporter: Adeline Goss
Mentor: David Malakoff

Adeline Goss
Whole Foods is the biggest natural foods retailer in the world. And it's growing -- building dozens of new stores each year. Sometimes that means locating stores in changing urban neighborhoods. And Whole Foods has developed a kind of cult-like status for lifting those neighborhoods up.

Navy Drum and Bugle Corps: postcard from Annapolis


Reporter: Eric Johnson
Mentor: Neda Ulaby

Eric Johnson
The Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Corp is not your typical college marching band.

Giant pumpkin weigh-off at the Topsfield Fair

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Reporter: Lindsey Larson
Mentor: Nell Boyce

Lindsey Larson
A story of people who dream about pumpkins... pumpkins that weigh over a thousand pounds. Lindsey Larson went to an annual pumpkin weigh-off in Topsfield, Massachusetts.

One man's quest for RPS glory

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Reporter: Chris Schonberger
Mentor: Petra Mayer

Chris Schonberger
If you think Rock, Paper Scissors is a game for 10-year-olds arguing over snackpacks, think again. This year, the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships in Toronto drew over 500 competitors from across the globe. But is there any more to RPS than luck? Chris Schonberger entered the tournament, hoping to throw his way into Rochambeau history.

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