Intern Edition Fall 2007
Blake Armstrong
Blake Armstrong - Morning Edition, NPR West                click for bio

Born in Los Angeles, Blake Armstrong returned to his roots as an Angeleno at NPR West after an interlude of adolescence in Irvine, California, and four years of college at UC Santa Cruz.  Beginning at an early age, Blake has always been mesmerized by the world at its diversity of people, culture, and geography; his interest in journalism is the logical extension of that fascination. 

A self-described “NPR junkie,” Blake is honored to work for NPR – an organization that he believes to be the best in radio journalism.  When not at NPR, working his part-time job, or napping to make up for lost sleep because of the early Morning Edition schedule, Blake enjoys exploring the deep philosophical questions (common among recent college grads like himself) of “Who am I?” and “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” Outside of the news, Blake enjoys surfing, practicing his Spanish and French, and traveling, and is especially content when all three occur simultaneously.

Reporter: Street vending in Los Angeles

Sean Bowditch
Sean Bowditch - All Things Considered                            click for bio

For Sean, Maine is home, though much of his youth was spent living and traveling in Asia and Africa.  Since graduating from Wesleyan University, he has worked at several public radio stations, including WBUR in Boston, KLCC in Eugene, Oregon, and WAER in Syracuse, New York. 

When not plying the airwaves, Sean enjoys mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest, fly fishing in Alaska, and following his beloved Red Sox.  He is currently a graduate student at Syracuse University.

Host: Intern Edition

Reporter: Hit a Lower Note, Strike Mating Gold

Producer: African American Republicans

Kate Brandli
Kate Brandli - Talk of the Nation                                      click for bio

After graduating from Hamilton College in May 2007, where she coxed and studied government and philosophy, Kate quickly realized that she did not want to be a philosopher or politician, nor could she be a professional coxswain.  So Kate decided to give NPR a go and is delighted to be part of an organization that discusses at length such underrepresented topics such as the Zen of raisins and whale songs. 

Kate was an Army brat growing up, but established roots in Philadelphia where she enjoys kvetching with friends, sampling session beers, and dabbling in domestic goddess territory.  Kate currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Reporter and Producer: What is an Athlete?

Reporter: Going West

Michael Cosentino
Michael Cosentino - NPR Music Library                            click for bio

Michael Cosentino is the intern at NPR’s Music Library this fall.  He recently earned his Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, his hometown.  Having been involved at his local college and community radio stations for the past eight years, Michael is no stranger to radio; one could say he’s pretty familiar with libraries as well, having worked in them off and on since high school. 

As far as future plans, Michael sees himself performing reference work in a public library, either back home or wherever opportunities may lead him. 

Reporter: Sublime Frequencies
Justin Fernando
Justin Fernando - All Songs Considered                           click for bio

Justin Fernando works as the All Songs Considered intern. His duties consist of updating the Open Mic section, filtering through bins of CDs, listening to new music, and going to shows. As a member of the music group Tel Aviv, Justin is no stranger to the intricacies of musicianship. His favorite genres include 60s garage rock, Italo disco, and German psychedelic rock.

While Justin recently completed a degree in Geography and worked in computer mapping, he also spent time as a DJ at KXUA student radio at the University of Arkansas.

In his free time, Justin enjoys listening to records, riding his bike, and experimenting with Adobe Photoshop. Justin also plans to learn Spanish.

Writer: Atlanta Flower Punks: The Black Lips

Writer: A Night Drive with Chromatics

Web Designer and Producer


Elliot Hannon
Elliot Hannon - Morning Edition                                        click for bio

Elliot Hannon recently returned stateside from South Africa where he studied International Relations at the University of Cape Town.  While living south of the equator, Elliot learned to surf poorly and watch cricket patiently, and came to understand the value of high-SPF sunscreen.  During his foray in South Africa, Elliot also worked as a freelance writer and inexplicably found himself in Namibia face-to-face with Brangelina’s beefy security guard, Johan.  Elliot did not attempt to take any pictures.  And he was not invited to hang out with the then parents-to-be, even though he is sure they would have admired his fortitude and invited him for dinner. 

Elliot grew up in the D.C. area and doesn’t get what’s so awful “inside the beltway.”  He ventured outside of the beltway to attend Emory University, where his journalistic highlight was a formative piece on comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite (the annoying guy from “Police Academy”).  He then fled the country to try his hand at the dolce vita in Rome, before returning to the States to work on a battery of political campaigns.  Elliot enjoys travel and the Champions League.  Before coming to NPR’s Morning Edition, his work appeared in The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun, among other publications.

Reporter: Online Poker

Producer: Newscast

Asma Khalid
Asma Khalid - National Desk                                             click for bio

Asma Khalid is an aspiring international correspondent.  She was born and raised around Chicago, but has spent the past few years studying in and exploring parts of Europe and Asia.  Asma recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with an M.Phil (don't ask her to explain what that means) in Middle Easters/Islamic Studies. 

Though most of her journalism experience stems from print, she's increasingly fascinated with radio and its power to convey people's emotions in a way that's physically impossible in other types of media.   

reporter: muslim speed dating


Producer: Hit a Lower Note, strike Mating Gold

Producer: Newscast

Ejai Onunaku
Ejai Onunaku - Human Resources & Tell Me More          click for bio
With a degree in Television and Radio Production from Montgomery College, Ejai Onunaku’s greatest passion is for public radio. While not fulfilling her intern duties, Ejai hosts the international gospel show “Finally Heaven” on WPGC AM/Heaven 1580, on Saturdays from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. Beginning her career in media as a Promotions Assistant for CBS Radio Corporation in 2001, Ejai also works for WDCW in Washington as a Freelance Events Assistant. Excited about her past and future successes, Ejai delights in God to stay humble and obedient.
Reporter: Commentary
Andrew Prince
Andrew Prince - Digital Media                                           click for bio

Andrew Prince joins us from Northwestern University in Chicago, where he is completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. A Seattle native, Andrew directs shows for Northwestern’s television news network and leads campus tours. He is a member of the executive board of Dance Marathon, coordinating all of the technical and logistical aspects for one of the largest student-run philanthropic events in the country.

Andrew is excited and honored to be working at NPR, since he grew up listening to public radio practically all the time. It was the only station that was ever on in his parents’ cars. NPR also became an integral part of Andrew’s family Thanksgivings when Mama Stamberg’s cranberry relish made its first appearance on the dinner table when he was 5.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys sailing on Lake Michigan and biking along the shoreline.

reporter: thriller

Producer: Newscast

Web Designer and Producer

Saqib Rahim - Science Desk                                              click for bio

California is a land of wealth, waves, wine, and the best Trader Joe’s in the country – so why leave? Saqib Rahim left his native land over a year ago in an attempt to answer this question. Since then, he has found that high-quality education, picturesque skies, and really good hot dogs are not only to be found on his beloved Pacific Coast.

On weekdays, Saqib enjoys hiding behind the bookstacks at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, where his curriculum focus is energy policy. On weekends, you might find him reflecting on the sate of the media, venturing on his bike into D.C.’s strangest corners, or chasing his pet ferret; and practicing spelling words – a lot of spelling. While his friends remind him that his voice (and face) are made for radio, Saqib’s media background is print-based. He has applied his talents at quite a few California newspapers, most recently interning at The San Jose Mercury News on the health beat. His ultimate goal? To give his father a driveway moment.

story in progress
Sara Richards - Arts and Information Desk                     click for bio

Sara Richards, from Knoxville, Tennessee, graduated in May from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, where she studied German and English.  Besides writing for the college newspaper and literary magazine, Sara also spent a year studying on a fellowship at the University of Bonn in Germany.

Upon graduation, Sara had certainly achieved a more worldly perspective, but soon realized she was really just unemployed with a useless liberal arts degree.  She figured all those hours spent listening to A Prairie Home Companion and All Things Considered in her parents’ car while growing up had made an impression, and so she now lives in D.C. and interns at NPR’s Arts and Information Desk

Reporter: Artist Profile - Graciela Iturbide

Producer: Thriller

Producer: Newscast

Leah Scarpelli
Leah Scarpelli - Morning Edition                                       click for bio

Despite the scenically vast and picturesque expanse of Western Maryland, young Leah Scarpelli perceived in this lush landscape only the miniscule opportunities of small town life.  She set out to find what might lie beyond the oft-forgotten panhandle in 2001 to earn a degree in Television and Radio at Ithaca College.  So far, she has yet to settle on a definite career, but has accomplished much in terms of personal exploration and travel, most recently voyaging to South Africa where she became enthralled with the country and its literature. 

Leah is now working on her Masters of English at Rutgers University, and looks forward to a life rich with learning, most recently as an NPR intern.  A former disc jockey and Music Director for WICB Ithaca, Leah also got her feet wet in promotional efforts as a live music intern in London.  Though she hopes to someday live in the U.K., Leah now enjoys Showtime series, reading Vanity Fair, and visiting her large family and young niece among the beautiful Appalachia of Frostburg, Maryland. 

Managing Editor, Intern Edition

Producer: Music Reviews, What is an Athlete?

Carolyn Silveira - Day to Day, NPR West                         click for bio

Carolyn Silveira graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in English, but maintains that her most formative college experience was spending her third year in Seville, Spain.  She returned from abroad feeling plugged into the world and determined to pursue journalism as a means of staying that way.  A former intern for NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Carolyn found work after college in publishing at the University of Chicago Press, where she would secretly listen to NPR on her computer. 

Just when postgraduate, nine-to-five life began to feel pretty comfy, Carolyn scrapped income, health insurance, and her wooly Chicago wardrobe to return to her native Los Angeles.  She is regaining color, cursing traffic, and fulfilling her dream of getting behind the red-black-and-blue curtain.  Carolyn loves the magic of radio, tasty cheeses, live music, and the printed word, and she hopes to get out of the country again soon!

Reporter: Hipcooks

Ayana Singhateh
Ayana Singhateh - Communications Resources              click for bio

Ayana Singhateh, a senior at Howard University, first learned of her zest for radio and journalism at the age of 16 when she participated in a conference at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism Broadcasting Institute.  She is interning in the Communications Resources Department with Emily Littleton, working with the corporate communications of NPR. 

Before her current stint, Ayana interned at KKFR Power 98.3 FM, and KASC The Blaze 1260 AM, where she gained experience in radio broadcasting and promotional efforts.  She has also worked as a communications intern for Bo Studios, participating in event planning, account relations, and publicity materials.  As a student at Howard, Ayana has been a contributing writer for The Hilltop, the university’s student publication.  She reports on various issues like student concerns and campus events.

communications and print graphics
Gul Tuysuz
Gül Tüysüz - Newscast                                                      click for bio

Gül is a hard name to say.  She knows it.  You know it.  So now, she goes by “Gul,” like “ghoul.”  She’s from Istanbul, Turkey, so between her name and hometown, she manages to cover two of her favorite American holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Gul recently graduated from Duke University (Lacrosse, wha’?!), where she dabbled in Political Science, Biology, and Documentary Studies. 

She’s interned with two NPR affiliates before her current position at HQ.  Her experience at WCBU in Peoria, Illinois convinced Gul that John Cougar Mellencamp was on to something with the whole “small town” bit.  At WUNC, she learned 39 important lessons in radio journalism (she likes to make lists).  And yes, she is known to like tangents and asides, and practice them often in various kinds of discussion.  In fact, Gul hopes one day to have a conversation consisting solely of garnishes and their corresponding functions.  No, wait, she hopes to one day have a career as a radio journalist.  That’s more like it!

Executive Producer, Intern Edition

Producer: Sublime Frequencies,
Going West, Online Poker

Elliot Ward
Elliot Ward - All Things Considered                                  click for bio

Just out of Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota, Elliot Ward first embarked on his radio career at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies, where he co-produced “Running on Fumes,” a documentary about American values focusing on the most quintessential of American pastimes: the road trip.  He then spent time at his hometown local news station, WCHL in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Along with improv comedy and playing cello, Elliot enjoys a casual chat over a good game of backgammon. 

Reporter and Producer: To the Fallen Records

Producer: Newscast

Erin Williams
Erin Marie Williams - Science Desk                                click for bio
Bio coming soon

Host, Intern Edition

Reporter: Wa-Kambe Crews on Kenyan Excavations

Will Wright
Will Wright - Tell Me More                                                 click for bio

With a wealth of radio experience already under his belt, Will Wright believes in the power of personal stories to inform, enlighten and inspire listeners, and hopes to one day practice the same as a public radio narrative journalist.  Inspired by Terry Gross’ Fresh Air, Ira Glass’ This American Life, and Dick Gordon’s The Story, Will maintains a high regard for conversational interviewing. 

Before practicing his enthusiasm for public radio as an intern for NPR’s Tell Me More, Will wrote a highly respected column for the Christian Science Monitor, and thereafter created, produced, and hosted provocative conversations on Minnesota’s KFAI Radio 90.3 FM Minneapolis / 106.7 St. Paul.  His discussions are often at the cross roads of politics, arts and culture, and “race.”  Learn more about Will Wright at

Reporter: African American Republicans

Fiona Zublin
Fiona Zublin - Weekend Edition Saturday                   click for bio
A California native, Fiona Zublin expects to graduate from The George Washington University this winter with a degree in Dramatic Literature. Though surviving her last semester of college occupies her highest hopes at present, Fiona would like to someday edit The New York Times crossword puzzle, if only so that she’ll actually be able to finish it. She can’t yet decide if she wants to be a foreign correspondent or a surfer, so Fiona awaits NPR’s inauguration of “Special Surfing Correspondent.” She’s sure, then, she’ll have a job for life. She would also really like to have a special edition tote bag (or similar souvenir) named after her.


Producer: Muslim Speed Dating,commentary

Producer: Newscast