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Name: Kimberly Monet Adams

Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

School(s): University of Missouri-Columbia, Alum ‘05. Major: Broadcast Journalism, Political Science

American University in Cairo, MA International Relations (In Progress)

NPR Internship: Morning Edition

About Her:

Kimberly Adams started listening to NPR when she was 12 years old as she drove for hours down country roads antiquing with her dad. She has been working in journalism since she was 16 years old, and it has taken her to some interesting places. She has covered election fraud during the 2000 elections in St. Louis, the 2003 Blackout in New York City, the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections from London, and the Egyptian parliamentary and presidential elections in 2005 from Cairo. Kimberly has dabbled in all sorts of media, working as an on-air television reporter, a business magazine writer, a news website manager, and a freelance radio reporter. She is currently working on her MA thesis on the political influence of weblogs in Egypt. Kimberly likes black cats, all colors of tea, and gardening when she stays in one place long enough to watch something grow. When asked where in the world she’d like to live, Kimberly—with a passport full of stamps—replied, “Wherever I can find Carmen Sandiego.”


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