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Name: Elena Ahn

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

School(s): Northeastern University School of Law (Third Year)

NPR Internship: Office of the General Counsel

About Her:

Elena is an unabashed Chicago Cubs fan, who thinks that—maybe, just possibly—it really is the year and as such is anticipating this October with a mixture of fear and excitement. Outside of baseball, Elena enjoys traveling, the theater, trying out different restaurants, playing board and video games, and recording candid—and possibly embarrassing—photos and videos via digital camera. Carrying a digital camera at all times, Elena has decided that if this whole “lawyer” thing does not work out, there is always blackmail/extortion. At the possibility of an internship, Elena started listening to NPR online and lives by the Calvin and Hobbes mantra, “Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.” *

*DISCLAIMER: The previous statement(s) has been made in jest and is not, nor should be interpreted as, now, or in any point of time, future or past, as to the past, future, or present intentions of the person and her actions, to which the statement may be perceived or understood in this or any other jurisdiction.












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