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Name: Bethany Chafin

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

School(s): Wake Forest University, Alum. Major: English Literature; Minor: Political Science, Studio Art

NPR Internship: Talk of the Nation

About Her:

Bethany recently graduated from Wake Forest University where she wrote her thesis on “Refining Self-Indulgence” and the social theories of Bernard Mandeville and Jane Austen. Her first exposure to NPR came as a young kid whose Companion in the car was often Prairie Home in nature. When she’s not running scripts and booking guests at 635 Massachusetts Ave., you’ll likely find her at the National Gallery or exploring the Eastern Market area and surrounding neighborhoods. While interning at NPR, she's been formulating her "to read" list according to the Talk guest line-up and openly admits her fascination with the "free book" shelves around the building. Her favorite NPR shows, aside from the fond bias she holds for Talk, are Wait, Wait…Don't Tell Me! and This American Life. While she’s loved her stint in radio journalism, Bethany eagerly looks forward to pursuing graduate studies in British Literature.










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