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Name: Nancy Chow

Hometown: Potomac, Maryland

School(s): University of Maryland-College Park, Class of '09. Major: Journalism, Marketing

NPR Internship: Digital Media, Pictures and Multimedia

About Her:

Moving around the suburbs encircling Washington, D.C., Nancy Chow always wished she could get away—and she did for the fall semester of 2007, when she studied abroad at Università Bocconi in Milan. She felt homesick the minute she landed at Malpensa Airport. Maybe it was her inability to roll her R’s or the deficiency of free museums in the city—regardless, she is happy to be in the District interning at NPR which she started listening to about two years ago upon first hearing of its awesomeness. She has never been to a baseball game in the United States, probably because her self-proclaimed favorite sport is living. Nancy’s favorite city is Paris, France, but—given the choice of anywhere in the world—she would live in NYC.

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