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Name: Kyle Gassiott

Hometown: Midland, Texas

School(s): Baylor University, Alum. Major: Double Bass Performance

The University of Iowa, Alum. MA in Journalism, Musicology; MFA in Double Bass Performance

NPR Internship: Elections Unit, National Desk

About Him:

Kyle has been in media ever since his '88 Oldsmobile Omega made it into the Baby Jessica movie while parked in front of his high school in Midland. Okay, maybe this wasn't an auspicious start but later he eventually became a radio producer and journalist while living in Iowa City, Iowa. While there he was a reporter and statewide host for Iowa Public Radio and a frequent contributor to American Public Media's Weekend America. During the Summer of 2008 he was a Carnegie Fellow in the Brian Ross Investigative Unit at ABC in New York. While at NPR he's been busy (and happy) in the elections unit logging interviews, writing for Vox Politics, mixing the Political Rewind , co-producing stories (including Susan Stamberg's annual Cranberry Relish recipe), playing "Joe the Plumber" in a podcast and spamming the entire news staff with NPR's calls during election night. Kyle has written a million music reviews and covered stories on the Mumps epidemic of 2006, a butter cow sculptor at the State Fair, a Muslim Country Western singer, the George W. Bush Childhood Museum, and a spray-paint Michelangelo. When not doing radio he spends his time playing the double bass and trying not to fall into a well.

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    NPR Intern Edition, Fall 2008