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Name: Michael Kleinfeld

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

School(s): George Washington University

Ohio University

NPR Internship: Digital Media/Photography

About Him:

Michael attended George Washington and Ohio University and is proud to say he doesn’t know his college mascot. If he had to walk the green mile he would eat a last meal consisting of a Martini, olives, cheese, marinated/grilled squid, white wine, steamed mussels in garlic, nice bread with butter, fresh goat cheese ravioli in vodka sauce, a perfect salad, red wine, the nicest piece of meat he can get his hands on with fried plantains, a cranberry soufflé, chocolate cake, and a cappuccino. If he could live anywhere in the world it would be on a farm where, perhaps, he would fulfill his desire to have a dog.










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