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Name: Becky Lettenberger

Hometown: South Brunswick, New Jersey

School(s): Syracuse University, Alum '08. Major: Photojournalism, English and Textual Studies

NPR Internship: Digital Media, Pictures and Multimedia

About Her:

While Becky was growing up she was grounded a lot for riding her bike too far away from home. Even despite (or maybe in spite of) the week long indoor confinements she has never been able to quite quench her taste for freedom. Her desire to pack up and go has led her throughout Europe and the United States and will hopefully lead her to South America and beyond. In between expeditions, Becky enjoys cooking for small armies—especially experiments in soups—attempting to grow her own food, concocting tantalizing varieties of delectable vegan oatmeal cookies, taking Polaroids, photographing constantly and hosting PACT (Photographers and Artists Coming Together) gallery events. She began listening to NPR when she stumbled upon it on the kitchen radio her last year of college and hasn’t touched the dial since.

Live hard.










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