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Name: Kathleen Masterson

Hometown: Lincoln, Massachusetts

School(s): Bowdoin College, Alum. Major: English, Environmental Studies

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Alum. MA in Journalism

About Her:

Kathleen Masterson was born and raised in Boston's suburbia, in a house bordering a swamp. Her love of getting muddy has never faded, though in college she got to call it research. She has been listening to NPR since the womb. She studied English and Environmental Studies and became incredibly interested in the overlap between art and science. After graduating she taught high school English in Phoenix, AZ as a part of the Teach for America program, which further convinced her of the importance of communicating science and environmental issues in normal-people language. After teaching for a few years, she skipped town and worked for a bird research project in rural Argentina, and then bummed around South America, eventually touching Antarctica. While in the Patagonia Andes she received word that she had been accepted into graduate school, and spent the next two years studying science and environmental journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a grad student she wrote for the local newspaper, made a mini-film about 4,000-cow dairy, and created several environmental film shorts in the Amazon basin in Bolivia. Kathleen loves interning at NPR and the daily exposure to the witty and hard-working team at the science desk. She still gets a thrill out of watching the capital light up at night.














NPR Intern Edition, Fall 2008