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Name: Lynn Meyer

Hometown: Houston, Texas

School(s): School(s): University of Houston, Alum. Major: Political Science

Washington College of Law at American University (Second Year)

NPR Internship: Legal Intern

About Her:

Lynn Meyer, another cougar, grew up in North Carolina and moved to Texas when she was fifteen. She wants to be Nina Totenberg when she grows up, because she loves public radio and the study of law. Lynn feels as though interning with the Office of the General Counsel at NPR is like working in news-junkie Hollywood. So far, she’s played it cool and has not asked for autographs…yet. Her parents live in Arkansas now. Lynn has two little brothers that are in high school, and a sister that is still an undergrad in Texas. Lynn is the proud parent of a fat little dog, and is passionate about animal rights. Lynn taught at Montessori elementary school (ages 6-9) before coming to law school, and—although she misses teaching sometimes—she knows it is a profession to which she will one day return. Her favorite place in D.C. is the beautiful atrium of the National Portrait Gallery. Lynn’s favorite sport is darts, has never been good a tennis, and loved the Muppet Show as a child.











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