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Name: Julia Pergolini

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

School(s): School(s): Ithaca College, Class of '09. Major: English; Minor: Women's Studies

NPR Internship: All Things Considered

About Her:

Julia Pergolini is a senior English major and women’s studies minor at Ithaca College. She hails from the suburbs of Philadelphia, where she started her career in journalism writing for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Prior to NPR, she interned with TV Guide magazine in Philadelphia, and Ms. magazine in Los Angeles. Julia is on the executive board for Ithaca’s environmental society and is a student body member of IC Feminists. She is intrigued by gender and race studies, and has recently taken up interest in urban education reform. A lover of all things Food Network, a music fiend, and hoarder of everything—she very much looks forward to her time spent with ATC; however, she is just about making it through the financial crisis and calls mother, a corporate banker, every few hours to explain it all to her in a language she can understand. Julia shares a birthday with Madonna and was, interestingly enough, born on the Harmonic Convergence. She became an NPR podcast addict while driving across the country, has never eaten seafood, and love the Sculpture Garden in D.C.











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