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Name: Scott Pham

Hometown: Forest Grove, Oregon

School(s): Reed College, Alum.

NPR Internship: Weekend Edition

About Him:

Scott is fairly certain he grew up in a small town in Oregon called Forest Grove, which was not particularly forested but quiet and friendly and perhaps grove-like in that sense. Many years later, he is getting his B.A. in English Literature at Reed College, Portland, Oregon. This is the place where wide-eyed beatniks once used their G.I Bills to get port-wine-drunk in their dorm rooms and compose rambling type-written letters to William Carlos Williams. For his own part, Scott drove truck for a catering company. Let him tell you: it is every bit as glamorous as it sounds. Scott kept his truck's radio tuned exclusively to NPR. It was the only thing that could keep his mind buzzing during the long hours behind the wheel. He listened obsessively. If he had to make a delivery before the end of a great story, or during Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac--then he might very well miss that delivery. Scott quickly moved from listening to radio to making it. He first wrote news commentaries and essays for Portland's KBOO, and then worked for its news department, producing the evening news program. His post at NPR is his first internship.

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    NPR Intern Edition, Fall 2008