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Name: Spencer Raymond

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

School(s): Syracuse University, Class of '10. Major: Broadcast Journalism, Policy Studies

NPR Internship: National Desk

About Him:

Spencer comes to Washington after spending eight months in Beijing, China. After studying abroad at Tsinghua University, Spencer worked for various media outlets for the Olympics—Including ESPN—during the Games. Spencer began working in radio during high school where he announced football and basketball games live on the internet. Before graduating, Spencer was working at two radio stations in Portland (KBOO and KUIK) writing, reporting, and anchoring the news. In Syracuse, Spencer was the local host of All Things Considered at member station WAER before becoming Production Coordinator. Now, he voices and produces all underwriting spots, produces a semi-weekly show, and occasionally contributes to newscasts. Currently, Spencer contributes daily, live reports to KBOO radio in Portland, acting as the station’s Washington, D.C. correspondent. Spencer’s favorite activity is eating and when he’s not reporting he’s busy playing water polo or hitting the ski slopes. His college mascot is Otto the Orange and he’s never been to Disney World. His favorite city he’s visited is Uaanbaatar, Mongolia and he watched Mr. Rogers as a kid. His favorite place in D.C. is Capital Hill.












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