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Name: Tamara Vallejos

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

School(s): Washington State University, Alum '08. Major: English (emphasis in Rhetoric and Professional Writing)

NPR Internship: All Songs Considered

About Her:

Tamara Vallejos, a WSU cougar, hates writing bio blurbs about her life, which is odd because she loves talking about herself and thinks everyone should know who she is, because she’s pretty great. She was a major Saved By the Bell fan and still watches the reruns every morning from 8-9 a.m. on TBS, which is why she always gets to work half an hour later than she intends to. When she was seven or eight years old, Tamara became obsessed with Old Time Radio and has a collection of thousands of different episodes. If she could pick any occupation, she would choose to be a voice actress during the Golden Age of Radio. She misses her mom’s cooking (aka: "real food") and calls her family kitchen her favorite place to eat in L.A. Tamara started listening to NPR during college because she got hooked to the great podcasts. Also, she loves shoes. And Josh Ritter. A lot.










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