Intern Edition is a newsmagazine created, produced, and edited by NPR interns.

npr interns at work


Intern Edition premiered 3/30/2007. Listen: Real Player or Windows Media

About Intern Edition:

Welcome to Intern Edition, Spring 2007. We're glad you found your way here.

The show is patterned after NPR's esteemed newsmagazines. But if the voices here sound slightly greener than those you usually hear at the left side of your radio dial, that's because we're still young'uns. Everything you see and hear in this space - the reporting, producing, editing, blogging, and even this web site - was created by interns.

Our cohort of interns brought together a great variety of experience and fascinations, and our mentors and advisors gave us the all of the tools and knowledge to make our grand schemes take shape. If you've ever tried to imagine the NPR offices, and envisioned that they must be full of wonderful, thoughtful, and engaging people - you're absolutely right. They made this show possible.

Putting together Intern Edition has been a challenge, an adventure, and a joy.

Happy listening.

Laurel Wamsley, Executive Producer/Weekend Edition Saturday

About Next Generation Radio:

Intern Edition is part of Next Generation radio, NPR's outreach and training program. The Next Generation radio program is designed to give students, recent graduates and first-year professionals a chance to get the skills they need to compete for jobs in our industry. For more information about the Next Generation radio program, where it's been and where it will travel next, visit: http://www.npr.org/nextgen.