Intern Edition Spring 2005


Welcome to NPR's Intern Edition Summer 2005!

A Message from Executive Producer Emily Schmall

Forty-nine voices converge this summer at a focal point for government and politics - Washington D.C. - to bolster the good work at National Public Radio. Correspondents are posted on the West coast and in Chicago. We are here because we can appreciate the role of public radio in tumultuous times. We can expose injustice and remain fair. We can be compelling without being offensive. We are able to entertain the ideas of all sides without submitting to any.

Over the course of the summer I invite listeners to check back often. You can learn about the interns by listening to their aural biographies, and peruse our treasured story and idea index at Summer in the City.

Our show premieres August 10.

Until then,
Emily Schmall
Executive Producer

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Summer 2005 Intern Edition
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