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Opening Breakfast, June 8

Welcome, interns! All forty-eight interns gathered for an early breakfast in Board Room West for coffee and introductions. Those present included Jay Kernis, NPR.s VP of Programming, the ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin, and Ken Stern, executive vice president of NPR, who welcomed the interns and told them a little bit about what to expect from the program.

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WETA Tour, June 30

NPR interns ventured out into the D.C. transit system to visit member station WETA for a guided tour of the studio. WAMU creates programming for both radio and television, producing educational programs, classical music, and popular shows like "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer" and the new "Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered."

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Diane Rehm, July 11

Diane Rehm visited interns for an inform Q&A over lunch to talk candidly about her own experience in radio, how she got started, and what she still finds compelling about talk radio. Among the topics: her guest wish list, memorable on-air moments, and the power of silence in a radio program.

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Bruce Drake, July 27

To wrap up the last of the brown bag lunches, NPR.s Bruce Drake, Vice President of News and Information, talked about his own experience in radio, the differences between radio and print, and the ways that NPR can move forward in the news business.

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Interns at Work, Interns at Play

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