interns at work, NPR building

Intern Edition is one of many hands-on radio training opportunities offered by NPR and many other professional journalism organizations throughout the calendar year. Intern Edition is an opportunity for NPR's interns in Washington DC and Los Angeles to produce their own newsmagazine. The program has a competitively selected Executive Producer. She/he manages the Intern Edition staff of reporters, producers, digital media editors, developers and designers, communications manager(s) as well as audio engineers. The interns produce either a 30- or 60-minute newsmagazine under the guidance of NPR staff. Intern Edition is run much like NPR newsmagazines are run. Generally, the difference is the staff is usually well under 30.

The overall Next Generation radio program funded by NPR is an outreach and training program. It's designed to give students, recent graduates or first-year professionals a chance to get the skills they need or want so that they can successfully compete for jobs in our industry. For more information about the Next Generation radio project, where it's been and where it will be next around the country, go to: http://www.npr.org/nextgen.