Interns worked long and hard on their stories that premiered in the August 3 Intern Edition show. If you enjoy these, be sure to catch some additional stories that appear on our Web Exclusives page.


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Hispanic Community Loses Radio Stations

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Reporter: Christina Tran
Producer: Monika Evstatieva

Christina Tran

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Redskin Radio recently purchased one of the District of Columbia's few Spanish radio stations, Radio Capital. Christina Tran finds out how the Spanish-speaking community relied on this important source of information and what this loss means to the community.

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What Does It Mean to Be American?

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Reporter: Sarah Laskow
Producer: Nathan Taylor

At a Fourth of July parade, Sarah Laskow observes the national and international flavors that compose the United States. Bolivian dancers, an Indian immigrant with an eye-catching car and a Spanish-speaking immigrant all have their reasons for celebrating this country.

Eyelid Surgery Is in Decline

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Reporter: Ko Im
Producer: Emilia Costa

Emilia Costa
Ko Im interviews Asian women in Washington, D.C., about an eyelid surgery that makes the lid look wider and bigger. The surgery is popular among many East Asians.
Inset: The eyes of Jamie Chu who naturally has one eyelid with a fold and one without. Chu refuses to get eyelid surgery.

Music Series Highlights New Orleans & Rejuvenates Survivors

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Reporter: Danielle Trusso
Producer: Miyu Akachi

Danielle Trusso

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This year's Smithsonian Folklife Festival celebrates the unique sounds of New Orleans in its concert series, "Been in the Storm So Long." Danielle Trusso interviews a gospel group to find out how Hurricane Katrina survivors are using music to find inspiration and hope for their futures.

Inset: The Friendly Travelers performed at Jubilee Stage at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall. Their performance was part of the festival's "Been In the Storm So Long" program celebrating the music of New Orleans.

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Figure Skaters Reflect on Their Olympic Experiences

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Reporter: Eleanor Collins
Producer: Roy Cose

Eleanor Collins profiles two Olympic figure skaters, Emily Hughes and Tim Goebel. They reflect upon their Olympic experience, focusing on media and fame and how their lives are now.

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Informal School Encourages Creativity Over Testing

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Reporter: Jacqueline Jove
Producer: Nicole Beemsterboer

Jacqueline Jove takes a look at the unconventional teaching style of The Children's Studio School in downtown Washington, D.C. The school uses the arts to teach the basic academic course load, including music, writing and grammar.

"Unschooled" Children Control Their Own Education

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Reporter: Jeff Swingle
Producer: Monika Evstatieva

Parents who follow the educational philosophy of "unschooling" believe children are natural learners and thrive in the absence of formal schooling and a forced curriculum. An estimated 150,000 American children are "unschooled." Jeff Swingle examines the motives behind this movement.

Rita Garcia

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Veggie Oil Fuels a Different Kind of Road Trip

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Reporter: Maja Cholody
Producer: Meghan Maskery

Maja Cholody


Maja Cholody profiles Dartmouth students who are traveling from Dartmouth to northern California by bus using only vegetable oil power. Along the way, these students stop at restaurants, picking up used grease to serve as their bus's fuel.

Inset: The sun sets over Lake Tahoe, just one stop on the eco-friendly trip made by a group of Dartmouth students.

Neighborhood Rallies for a Grocery Store

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Reporter: Daniel Peters
Producer: Christina Tran

Daniel Peters

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The Washington, D.C., district of Penn Quarter lacks a grocery store. The Balducci's store that was planned fell through. Daniel Peters follows the neighborhood's efforts to bring a grocery store -- specifically a Balducci's -- to the area.

Inset: Penn Quarter resident Cheryl Fine has to visit the weekly Farmer's Market for fruit.

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Musicians Use Drugs to Calm Performance Anxiety

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Reporter: Jamie Hammon
Producer: Nathan Taylor

When the pressure rises to give a perfect performance, many collegiate and professional musicians turn to beta-blockers to calm the symptoms of anxiety. Jamie Hammon explains the trend.

An Addict Named Lady

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Reporter: Laura Mirsch
Producer: Talat Mangla

Laura Mirsch

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A suburban family’s secret struggle with an uncommon addiction comes to light in this personal essay by Laura Mirsch.

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Parents Cope with the College Admissions Process

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Reporter: Amanda Nembhard
Producer: Ko Im

When going to college for the first time, a student feels excited and nervous. Parents often feel the same way. Amanda Nembhard uncovers the fears and concerns of the parents of future college students.

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California High School Exit Test Poses Hurdle for Graduation

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Reporter: Jenee Darden
Producer: Meghan Maskery

In California, students now must pass the California High School Exit Exam to graduate from high school, but for some, that's not an easy task. Jenee Darden talks to educators about the test and visits a prep class where students try to surmount this new challenge.