Doug Mitchell - NPR's Intern Edition Supervising Producer and Next Generation Radio Project Manager

NPR Communications Department

NPR Online Production Team

Web Site Advisor -

Todd Holzman

Blog Editor and Advisor -

Ben Brudevold-Newman

Speakers at our meetings

David Folkenflik
Sora Newman
Neda Ulaby
Danny Zwerdling

Speakers at brown-bag lunches

Jeffrey Dvorkin
Denise Leary
Stacey Foxwell
Bill Marimow
Page Smith
Walt Swanston
Maria Thomas

NPR's Internship Program Committee

Barbara Sheppard
Pam Duckett
Claudean Robinson
DeNise Johnson

Unsung Heroes

Amy Blaszyk - NPR Operations and a former intern
Stu Seidel - Senior Editor of Weekend Edition Sunday
Jon Hamilton - Correspondent, Science Desk
Alison Richards - Science Editor, Science Desk
David Kestenbaum - Correspondent, Science Desk
Richard Harris - Correspondent, Science Desk
Joe Shapiro - Correspondent, Science Desk
Ted Mebane - Audio Engineer
Felix Contreras - Arts Desk
Alison MacAdam - Assistant Producer, All Things Considered
Joel Riddle - Production Assistant, Morning Edition
Rolando Arrietta - Production Trainer
Danny Zwerdling - Correspondent, National Desk