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Jessica Abeita - All Things Considered

Jes Abeita comes to NPR from Albuquerque, N.M. She's a full-time student at the University of New Mexico, studying journalism and Native American studies. Abeita is a member of the Pueblo of Isleta.

Jes has a varied and eclectic educational and professional background. She's studied everything from philosophy to automotive technology. Albeita has been employed as a reporter, producer, dog-groomer, mechanic and dish-dog among other things. As a youth, she exhibited horses, winning a Top-Ten award at the first annual Arabian Horse Association Youth Nationals horse show.

Abeita is thrilled to be one of the 2007 summer interns for All Things Considered. She looks forward to bringing a different point of view to the show.

Eleanor Atkins - Morning Edition, NPR West
Eleanor Atkins

Ellie recognized the allure of journalism at an early age; it seemed the perfect calling as it provided infinite opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. Her passion for journalism advanced after completing a brief stint at the Washington Post during her senior year in high school.

Originally from Maryland, Ellie just completed her sophomore year at Vanderbilt University where she hopes to major in communication studies with a minor in managerial studies. Last summer she interned at the Long Beach Press Telegram in California as a reporter at the news desk. She's excited to return to Los Angeles this summer where she will join the staff of Morning Edition.

Ellie dreams of eventually living in California and working as a broadcast journalist. When she's not daydreaming about her career aspirations, she enjoys traveling, sports, and yoga.

Adya Beasley - Morning Edition
Adya Beasley

At the age of three Adya Beasley had the story. She would inform her parents each night who had thrown up at preschool that day; making sure to include key details of when, where, and how. Now, as a 20-year-old entering her junior year at New York University, Adya has maintained her passion for news. She is double majoring in broadcast journalism and international relations with a minor in Japanese.

Adya has broadened the scope of her education by combining her love for news with her interest in international relations. She has spent three summers studying abroad in Japan and has studied in Ghana, Morocco, and Puerto Rico. Next spring she will spend a semester at Nagoya University in Nagoya, Japan.

Originally from Fairfax, Va., Adya is delighted to gain experience in news radio working for NPR this summer. In past summers, she has interned with the U.S. Senate Radio and Television Gallery and Newhouse News Service. She has worked as a public access television producer for Arlington Independent Media and has been a production assistant for MTV. In her free time Adya enjoys writing screenplays, acting in student films, and taking part in various community service events.

Michael Bernstein - Day To Day, NPR West
Michael Bernstein

Michael "Bernie" Bernstein is working as the intern for Day to Day this summer. He's originally from D.C. but now lives in Los Angeles where he's a senior at Pomona College. He is a graduate of the radio program at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Previously, Bernie interned for Hedrick Smith Productions, which does documentaries for PBS Frontline.

Haley Bridger - Science Desk, NPR West
Haley Bridger

Haley Bridger has always loved two things: science and journalism. This summer she will pursue both, as an AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Mass Media Fellow working at NPR West. Haley grew up in Hamilton, Mass. and attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, so living on the West Coast is a very new experience for her.

After having worked as a freelance journalist for a regional newspaper during college, Haley is adjusting to the world of radio. She will be contributing to Day to Day and working with the Science Desk and a health correspondent to develop and research science stories this summer.

Last summer, Haley worked as a science writing intern at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, where she learned the art of crafting press releases; she acted as a liaison between budding scientists and the media and hiked just about every trail in Acadia National Park. In addition to science writing, Haley loves hiking, swing dancing and living in a place that has an abundance of palm trees and farmers markets. She hopes to make the most of her ten weeks in Los Angeles and explore the city, mountains, beach and everything else LA has to offer.

Courtney Brown - Audience Corporate Research
Courtney Brown

Courtney may be the most enthusiastic ambassador of Portland, Ore. you will ever meet. Still, after having grown up in the greatest city on earth, she left to pursue college in Madison, Wis., and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and eventually ended up settling in Washington, D.C.

Since graduating in 2003, Courtney has spent the majority of the past four years working in and around the District. Her most significant professional experience was at the Inter-American Foundation, where she supported a portfolio of grants destined for local, income-generating grassroots development projects in Brazil. Most recently, she served as an international team intern at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, a Democratic political consulting and strategy firm.

Currently, Courtney is a research assistant and graduate student at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute where she is pursuing her Masters in Public Policy. In the coming academic year, she will be the Managing Editor of the Georgetown Public Policy Review Online edition, an online forum covering a wide range of policy issues. In her barely existent spare time, Courtney enjoys exploring the greener parts of D.C., staying true to her liberal West Coast roots and playing with other people's dogs.

Allison Chang - Development
Allison Chang

Allison Chang is a rising junior studying Cultural Anthropology and German at the University of Maryland, College Park, with a concentration in International Development and Conflict Management. Raised in Maryland an hour from D.C., she is constantly thirsty for new encounters with language and culture (people!) and currently lives in the German Cluster of her university's Language House.

Allison has been a coxswain on the UMD Men's Crew Team and has taught at a children's sailing school in D.C. for two years. One of Allison's lifelong dreams was fulfilled when she was able to visit Kaua'i and see the spectacular blue hues there. In addition to her internship this summer, she also pays visits to the UMD Garden Club plot to tend her little green babies. Working with NPR will be her first inside job - the air conditioning is a plus!

While Allison had never considered a career in radio, she loves NPR and has dabbled in on-campus radio by co-hosting weekly music shows at WMUC 88.5 FM, including the occasional 1920s radio drama. In general, her passions reside in the realms of culture & language (i.e. ideologies, art, music), education, and environment. Picking up foreign languages randomly is a shameless addiction and knowing how to say "Where's the toilet?" comes very much in handy. Other ways Allison spends her time include event planning (hence this internship), reading, cooking with friends, watching nature documentaries, gardening barefoot & conserving energy, water activities, calligraphy, and random photography. Mainly, she is passionate in her belief that nothing is ordinary - rather, everything can be extraordinary! Her favorite color combination is blue and brown.

Robin Chung - Library - News/Digital Media
Robin Chung

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Robin has just received her MLIS degree from the Information Studies department at UCLA. She has spent the past year interning at the Getty Research Institute doing archival research in the Provenance Index department.

In the fall, she will leave for London where she will get her second masters in art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art. Upon graduation, she hopes to begin a career working with museums to bring art to students and art lovers around the world by making collections available online. Whether it's art or music, Robin's ultimate goal is making life's treasures available to culture vultures everywhere.

Andrew Clearfield - Weekend Edition, Sunday

Andrew Clearfield is an aspiring journalist who hopes to cover sports or politics in the future. To prepare for that career, he is working toward a degree in professional and technical writing at Carnegie Mellon University. He has worked in print as the sports editor of the Carnegie Mellon newspaper, The Tartan, and now is receiving some radio experience as an intern here at NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday.

In addition to journalism, Andrew is also a huge sports fan. He plays tennis for the Carnegie Mellon team and competes in literally every other intramural sport that the school offers (including co-ed doubles ping pong and water polo). He also spends most of his time watching sports on T.V. If he is not near a T.V., he is thinking about watching sports on T.V.

Matthew Drake - Human Resources
Matthew Drake

The current Human Resources intern, Matthew Drake is a summa cum laude graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in psychology. He is currently a Master's Degree student at The University of Kansas, where he also works in the Office of Admissions and Scholarships. Subsequent to completing his graduate work in May 2008, Matthew aspires to enter the field of human resources consulting.

A native of Woodbridge, Va., Matthew initially garnered interest in both HR and communications through a variety of undergraduate research projects with Virginia Tech's Center for Applied Behavior Systems. Having proceeded straight through with both his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Matthew is enthralled at the prospect of being freed from the reigns of academia in order to pursue his professional interests.

When not grinding away at school and work, Matthew is an avid runner who likes to compete in 5 and 10K races. He is also a devout sports fan who dreams of one day being a Washington Redskins season ticket holder.

Cate Edwards - Washington Desk (N)

Cate Edwards is excited to be working as the intern to Nina Totenberg on the Washington Desk this summer. Cate grew up in Raleigh, N.C. and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Political Economy in 2004. After graduation, she spent several months working for the Kerry-Edwards campaign and afterwards settled in New York where she worked as an editorial assistant at Vanity Fair magazine. Last fall, Cate entered Harvard Law School, where she just finished her first year.

Shannon Fowler - Science Desk
Shannon Fowler

After graduating from the University of California at San Diego with a B.S. in Biology, Shannon Fowler wanted to explore the world. She studied Spanish in Costa Rica, hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, climbed the Great Wall outside Beijing, made a wish at the wishing wall in Jerusalem, traveled by camel through the Zagora Desert in Morocco, and wandered the streets of Sarajevo in Bosnia. To fund these travels, Shannon was a SCUBA instructor in Panama and Ireland, taught marine ecology to teenagers in the Bahamas and lived and worked onboard ships as a naturalist in the Caribbean and Galapagos.

Eventually, Shannon returned to academia and completed a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. For her thesis, she studied the development of diving physiology and behavior in the threatened Australian sea lion. Since completing her doctorate, Shannon has worked as the Marine Mammal Lecturer onboard an expedition ship in Antarctica and published scientific papers and personal essays while based on the south island of New Zealand. After spending most of the last decade in the southern hemisphere, her family is pleased she will be returning to the US, while Shannon is excited about venturing into science writing at NPR.

Patrick Frank - All Songs Considered, Open Mic
Patrick Frank

Patrick's favorite time to enjoy new music is during the four-hour drive from his home in the suburbs of Chicago, to his other home at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Somehow, the nothingness of rural Michigan and monotony of I-94 is whisked away when the speakers are turned up and the cruise control is a steady 80... okay probably 90 mph eastbound.

Studying Performing Arts and Technology at U of M, Patrick loves to keep up on new music while taking a diverse curriculum including music theory, modern art, algorithmic music composition and film production. These experiences have led him to NPR where he will utilize his encyclopedic love of pop music and computer geekery on All Songs Considered and Open Mic.

Benjamin Frisch - Arts & Information Desk
Benjamin Frisch

Benjamin Frisch is a rising junior at Savannah College of Art and Design, studying creative writing and sequential art (i.e., comic books). As a member of student media, Benjamin has contributed to SCAD Radio News and co-hosted a weekly radio show for two years. Benjamin also draws a weekly comic strip entitled Maurice Antoinette for the SCAD student newspaper, The District.

In the past, Benjamin has participated in the maximum number of activities resulting in the lowest possible yield of practical skills. These include, but are not limited to: costumed interpreting at Colonial Williamsburg; community service as a member of the York County Youth Commission; and hosting Colonial Williamsburg's televised educational videos, Electronic Field Trips.

Before coming to Savannah, Ga., Benjamin hailed from another historical capital, Williamsburg, Va. This is the first summer in four years that Benjamin won't be spending it working as a caricature artist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Although he is saddened that he will not be returning, he is glad to finally get out of the heat.

Beth Furtwangler - Communications - Media Relations
Beth Furtwangler

Growing up in a house where every radio was permanently tuned to NPR, Beth was convinced it was the only station that existed. Now older and wiser, and still a fan of NPR, Beth recently finished her junior year at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she is majoring in communication with minors in journalism and French. A native of Ann Arbor, Mich., Beth got her first taste of Washington reporting last summer while interning with Cox Newspapers, covering everything from the White House to the National Spelling Bee. She wrote more than 40 articles for several newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Palm Beach Post. Most recently, Beth explored the political advocacy side of Washington as a communications intern with Campaign for America's Future, a liberal think tank.

During the school year, when not interning or in class, Beth can be found walking backwards around the GW campus giving tours to prospective students. She is also the assistant editor of the GW Cherry Tree yearbook and enjoys spending her free time watching "Friends" reruns, drinking Starbucks lattes and shopping (not necessarily all at once).

Despite being a proud Midwesterner, Beth also lived abroad in Budapest, Hungary and London, England during middle school and part of high school. She returned to Europe last fall to study in Paris, where she ate lots of croissants and could see the Eiffel Tower from her bedroom window.

Alejandra Garcia - Digital News
Alejandra Garcia

Alejandra Garcia is no stranger to change. Born in Lima, Peru, and raised in both Kentucky and North Carolina has helped her master the art of ceviche, sweet tea and saying "ya'll." Alejandra is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Heels!) where she earned a degree in journalism and Spanish. Curiosity and knack for another change landed her in Spain's University of Sevilla where she fell in love with the country's white villages and the Andalucian accent and charm. A year later, she set up camp in Marbella, Spain, where she was a writer for luxury lifestyle magazine, X Magazine, reporting on green living, organic chocolate and Formula 1 races. Alejandra has also worked for North Carolina's largest Hispanic media company, Que Pasa newspaper and radio, reaching over 70 percent of the state's Hispanic residents.

When Alejandra's not scouring town for good sushi, she loves to read, travel, dab at graphic design and dance salsa. She's very excited about her internship at NPR and hopes to develop her career as an international journalist.

Jasmin Garsd - Talk of the Nation
Jasmin Garsd

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jasmine fell in love with radio while listening to shows with her grandmother and father. Jasmine moved to the U.S. in 2002 and attended community college in Baltimore, Md., and San Diego, Calif., where she began working as an investigative journalist on the school newspaper. In 2007, Jasmine graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor's degree in Political Science.

Jasmine's career in radio began with an internship at San Francisco's KQED radio newsroom. Shortly after, she began freelance reporting for NPR news and working as a news journalist at Northern California's KPFA radio. Currently, Jasmine is also writing about her experiences growing up during Argentina's economic crisis.

Marina Giovannelli - Science Desk
Marina Giovannelli

Marina Giovannelli applies her background in neuroscience and environmental chemistry at NPR's science desk. She graduated from University of California San Diego and considers herself lucky to be one of the few people on UCSD's snowboarding team to never have suffered a concussion. During her college years, Marina learned to handle a rock saw with great precision at a volcanology lab at the Scipps Institute of Oceanography. At night she worked at a sushi restaurant to feed her sea urchin habit and fund her travels. After covering science and research for the UCSD Guardian newspaper, Marina decided that she would be hard-pressed to find a more rewarding and engaging career than science journalism.

Kathryn Glass - Digital News
Kathryn Glass

As a Midwesterner and a suburbanite, Kathryn is thrilled to be spending the summer on the East Coast! Originally from Lee's Summit, Mo., she is currently finishing her Master's degree in Broadcast Journalism and Convergence Media at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She also has a BA in English, Spanish and World Literature from Coe College.

Over the past two years, Kathryn has written for a Gannett-affiliated newspaper, reported for an NBC-affiliated television station and reported for NPR member station KBIA in Columbia, Mo. She hopes to one day travel the world and work in digital media, reporting and producing stories for various media platforms. She is also an avid golfer and a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Elza Gousseva - Library - Broadcast
Elza Gousseva

Elza Gousseva is proceeding with her master's degree at San Jose State University, School of Library & Information Science. Her major is Academic Libraries, and in her studies, she focuses on audio collection management and takes the majority of her classes online. She has almost finished her program. Besides the internship at NPR, she plans to take one more internship this fall in an academic library setting and graduate in December 2007. At the beginning of her library career, she worked as a library assistant at the Library of Audio Collections of the USSR State Broadcasting Committee in Moscow, Russia. This work led her to get a library education at Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (formerly Moscow State Institute of Culture), where she received her degrees equivalent to B.L.S, M.L.S. and Ph.D. in library science.

During her Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) fellowship at UCLA GSE&IS, Elza worked as a volunteer at The Library Quarterly scholarly journal where she assisted with preparation of quarterly issues, compiled annual "Index" and "Books Received" sections of the journal, and reviewed newly published books. She also held an internship at the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), Dublin, Ohio. During this internship she learned about OCLC services and practiced using OCLC Inter Library Loan products that facilitated interlibrary lending.

Elza's hobbies are music, traveling, and photography. She used to study theory and practice in piano at music school for youths; she is fond of classic music and songs composed by singer-poets. Elza travels several times a year, typically with her husband who is a satellite oceanographer. She likes to write long letters about her travels. She takes a lot of pictures, which she also likes to share with her relatives and friends.

Cale Grove - Finance
Cale Grove

Cale Grove is happy to be working as a Finance intern this summer. Cale comes from Rehoboth Beach, Del., and is a rising sophomore at Washington And Lee University in Lexington, Va. In the past, He's worked in retail, for other non-profit organizations, and owned his own production company.

Sarah Handelman - Communications - Creative Design
Sarah Handelman

Brought up on NPR as a child, Sarah has always had a sweet tooth for the news, and she is looking forward to the exciting opportunities that await her in Washington, D.C.

Sarah is a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia where she is pursuing a degree in Magazine Design from the Missouri School of Journalism. She works as a graphic designer for Mizzou student organizations, and last summer she was a design intern for a magazine publishing company in Kansas City, her hometown.

In addition to her fervent interest in journalism and graphic design, Sarah is a classically-trained cellist who also plays with several indie rock bands. She loves photography, Woody Allen Films and listening to live jazz. Her future plans include learning how to iron, spending a semester abroad in London and finding the perfect vintage bicycle.

William Haynes - Finance
William Haynes

A native of Virginia Beach, Va., William Haynes left the coast for the Deep South and Auburn University in Auburn, Ala. He will be graduating in May of 2008 with a degree in Finance and a minor in Political Science. Last summer he worked as a production assistant on a Nashville, Tenn.- based television show. William is an avid NPR listener and is excited about the opportunity to be a part of the organization. When he is not cheering on the Auburn Tigers, William likes to play his guitar, discuss politics or watch a good film.

Caroline Herter - Communications - Corporate
Caroline Herter

Both an avid consumer and critic of media, Caroline Herter is passionate about working to support valued sources of news, information and cultural programming to cultivate a more informed, engaged and tolerant public.

Over the years, Caroline has dabbled in various communication roles in both non-profit and corporate organizations. She comes to NPR this summer as the corporate communications intern, excited to help the communications division develop effective internal communication throughout the organization. She will also be working on the publicity and event planning for Intern Edition.

Caroline is originally from Falmouth, Maine. She received her bachelor's degree in sociology from Dickinson College and will complete a master's degree in public communication from American University this August.

Patrick Jarenwattananon - Music
Patrick Jarenwattana

Patrick Jarenwattananon is a pretty nice guy. He likes good music a lot, and eventually wants to do something with it. He doesn't quite know what yet, but one thing is certain: he has far more dignity than to slyly boast about himself on the Internet in secret hopes that a potential employer might notice his well-intentioned enthusiasm.

Recently, Columbia University awarded Patrick a degree in English with a minor in history. He has yet to fully understand why. Wantonly, he squandered substantial portions of his undergraduate tenure at the truly unique radio WKCR 89.9 FM New York. There, he served separate terms as program director and jazz director, and, not infrequently, demonstrated the extent of his dilettantism on air to the largest and most musically-literate radio market in the United States. (He is mostly kidding about that last clause.) Apart from WKCR, he did a bunch of stuff for both Jazz at Lincoln Center and Nonesuch Records, which was, like, totally sweet, dude.

Patrick enjoys many healthful and self-actualizing hobbies, including browsing frivolous errata on the World Wide Web, writing ironically self-aware run-on sentences, and sleeping, if by sleeping you mean not sleeping enough. He also tracks spectator athletics with a modicum of interest, with special preference to those endemically mediocre, but nonetheless endearing teams with claims to represent certain geographic regions relatively close to, or even encompassing his hometown of Milwaukee, Wis. Finally, he hastens to assure you that he conveys significantly less narcissism in real life than in the genre of three-paragraph autobiography.

Kamal Mark Kawar - Digital Media Business
Kamal Mark Kawar

Before going back to graduate school to get his MBA from Georgetown, Mark Kawar worked as a newspaper reporter in Southern California and Omaha, Neb. As a reporter, he covered everything from personal finance to wine-making to the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, but eventually realized that his passion lay on the business side of the media industry. At NPR, he is the business development intern in the digital media department. Mark grew up in Bethesda, Md., got his BA from Emory and did a previous business internship at USA Today.

Bernice Lee - Office Of The General Counsel
Bernice Lee

Bernice Lee was born and raised in southern California. She received her bachelor's degree in Communications with a focus in photography from California State University Fullerton. Thereafter, she spent some time working at a national law firm where many attorneys attempted to dissuade her from attending law school. They failed. Bernice is entering her third year at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston. During her time as a law student, she has had the opportunity to intern with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and with the Honorable William G. Young, District Judge for the U.S. District of Massachusetts.

Bernice is very happy to be working as a legal intern for NPR this summer. She respects and appreciates NPR's dedication to maintaining a high standard of journalistic integrity.

When Bernice is not working, studying, or attempting to fully wink with her right eye, she enjoys traveling, reading, photography, and ballroom dancing.

Rebecca Martinez - Weekend Edition, Saturday
Rebecca Martinez

Becky was born and raised in northern New Jersey, an easy hour from New York City, the shore and the Appalachian Mountains. A recent graduate of James Madison University in Virginia, Becky has a B.A. in media arts and design with a concentration in print journalism. During her junior and senior years she was the programming director for WXJM, JMU's campus radio station. There, she developed a production training program for student DJs and pioneered and co-produced a weekly women's talk show.

Throughout college, Becky held internships at Clear Channel Radio in North Jersey, Team Productions in D.C. and the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg, Va. NPR is Becky's favorite news organization and she is excited to sharpen her skills in journalism and radio production, her two passions, with Weekend Edition Saturday. She hopes the experience will be a springboard into a career in radio journalism.

This is Becky's second summer in D.C., and she's glad to be working so close to the National Portrait Gallery. She also likes dancing, theater, experimenting with ethnic foods, camping, board games and Scottish pop groups from the 1990s. She hopes to have many opportunities to practice her Spanish as well.

Steven Mendoza - Washington Desk

Steven Mendoza is a graduate of Florida State University 2006 with a B.A. in History. He grew up in between Homestead and Miami, Fla. Completely addicted to fishing and music, Steven will one day dedicate all his time to both of these, somehow writing about them. He was thinking about graduate school until NPR made it possible for him to put that off for at least another 10 weeks.

Bill Putnam - All Things Considered
Bill Putnam

Bill Putnam is excited to be working as one half of the Dynamic Duo at All Things Considered this summer. Bill lives in Silver Spring near a few excellent Hispanic and Asian restaurants. Bill is attending Montgomery College in Rockville (Harvard On The Pike), and will be finishing up his general studies classes in December 2007; then he starts the application process to attend a local university. Bill's past is quite checkered. He served 11 years in the Army, most of it overseas in lovely vacation spots like Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, D.C. and Baghdad. He left the military shortly after returning from Baghdad in March 2005; then he went back in September 2005 for nine months to cover the war.

Jamie Rosen - Science Desk
Jamie Rosen

A rising senior at Vassar College, Jamie spends her campus days studying Science, Technology, and Society, editing the multidisciplinary science newsletter, and organizing environmental education in Poughkeepsie elementary schools to cut down on the number of couches and televisions that end up in the Hudson River (or, at least, to use as an excuse to dig baby eels out of nearby creeks and have them live in a bucket in her cramped dorm room).

Last summer, Jamie interned for National Geographic Television & Film, where she found the booming movie preview voice that settled in her head helpful in working on a documentary about the role of space in the origin of life on Earth (Did life arise on Mars and travel to Earth on a meteorite spaceship? Could we all be aliens?). More recently, she worked as a runner for the BBC's Ever Wondered About Food, a show that blurs the line between cooking show and food documentary. Jamie also spent a summer writing for the Maryland Gazette Newspapers.

Jamie spent her junior year in London, where she discovered a love for cities, a healthy disdain for British cuisine, and a desire to explore the world. She will begin this exploration by following climate change along the Prime Meridian through NPR's Climate Connections.

Nicole Runningen - Digital Media Consumer Products
Nicole Runningen

Nicole Runningen graduated from The University of Georgia in May 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in English. Nicole is originally from New Orleans, but now lives in Atlanta. Growing up in a family of artists, Nicole has always had a passion for the arts, especially writing, painting, and graphic design. Nicole was able to pursue her love of writing and art when she was selected to study creative writing and photography in Cortona, Italy, where her work was featured in an international art show.

Nicole has an extensive background in graphic design, event planning, and Public Relations. Nicole gained graphic design experience working at a medical illustration company in Atlanta called Medical Legal Art/Nucleus Communications. At MLA, she prepared personalized anatomical displays for use in medical malpractice suits. She has also created logos for The Young Democrats of Georgia and planned a 200-person dinner for their annual convention in 2006. In addition, she has created logos for local organizations in Atlanta such as Heritage Sandy Springs. Nicole gained public relations experience when she interned at CNN, promoting the Headline News anchors in various print media. She is eager to expand her knowledge on the radio side of news media at NPR and knows that the Marketing internship with Digital Media/Consumer Products will be a great way to combine her talents in graphic design, public relations and writing, and gain work experience before achieving her MBA.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys international travel, cooking, art, and the outdoors. Nicole looks forward to traveling back to Italy in the near future and putting her Italian language skills to work.

Holley Simmons - Ombudsman
Holley Simmons

Holley Simmons hails from the sandy coastline of New Jersey where she spent most of her free time between the beach and the public library. Her love for literature drove her to become an English major at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. There, she picked up a minor in sociology due to her interest in social issues, including welfare policy, family relations and gender inequalities. As a recent college graduate, she looks forward to making the most out of her internship at the NPR office of the Ombudsman and aspires to get her masters degree in journalism shortly following.

Over the years, Holley has developed talents in knitting, baking, jewelry making and popping the perfect bag of popcorn. She also has a strong affection for over-sized purses, John Irving novels and Banana Fosters.

Lauren Sin - Library - Music
Lauren Sin

Lauren Sin is currently a UCLA graduate student pursuing her Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. In 2005, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television from Chapman University in Orange, Calif. Lauren was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. In her spare time, Lauren is a dedicated marathon runner. She has completed 2 marathons, the 2005 Honolulu Marathon and the 2007 Los Angeles Marathon. While she runs, she enjoys listening to NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" and "All Songs Considered" podcasts. This will be her first look at our nation's capitol. She looks forward to interacting with NPR interns and staff.

Tamika Smith - Tell Me More
Tamika Smith

Tamika Smith , a recent graduate of Howard University started with a passion for news at the age of 14 in Miami . Currently, she is interning at Tell Me More, hosted by Michel Martin, an ambitious news program dedicated to facing the real issues.

Before coming to NPR, she interned at NBC 6 in Miami, where she participated in the NBC 6 Junior Broadcasting program for two years. As a student at Howard, she wrote at The Hilltop the university's student publication. She reported on various issues like immigration, protests and the arts.

She's taken part in a radio production with Black College Wire, field producing audio for their website. Smith has also worked on, TV ONE productions, Quiet On the Set with Mary Major and Singletary Says, FOX 5 DC and American University Radio.

Sandhya Subramanian - Communications - Publicity and Events
Sandhya Subramanian

In the quiet suburb of Ellicott City, Md., she was the little girl with pudgy cheeks and a toothless smile who would knock at your door and ask you to buy fresh flowers. As a child, Sandhya had a zeal for starting small businesses. Realizing that she wanted to do it as more than a hobby, Sandhya decided to major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Babson College, where she will be starting her junior year. Sandhya's fascination with radio flourished during her time at Arbitron Inc., where she was an intern in the Marketing Communications division. While an advertising intern at The Redhead Companies, Sandhya pursued her entrepreneurial aspirations by developing the business plan for Redhead Threads, a clothing line for today's youth. She is currently the Marketing Assistant at Babson's Arthur Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, where she coordinates visits from global delegations to the Center.

Sandhya is always on the move and loves to keep her hands and feet busy through Indian cultural dancing such as Bhangra and Bharatanatyam. Sandhya is also in love with all things Spanish as she is on her way to Barcelona this upcoming spring to study at ESADE. She cannot wait to perfect her Spanish, indulge in her passions for Spanish dance and cuisine, and participate in customs such as siestas!

Sandhya is always ready to try something new and tackle a challenge. She believes that her internship in the Communications Publicity Events Department at NPR is ideal to delve into her interests in event coordinating, the non-profit sector of social entrepreneurship, and the media industry.

Anne Meredith Sugar - Stations Relations (M&PS)

Annie Sugar is a native Virginian who spent ten years living and working in the Washington, D.C. area before plunging back into graduate school last fall. She's working on her master's degree in telecommunications at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and also holds a bachelor's and another master's degree in American History from James Madison University. She worked in publishing and non-profit management before finding her calling in public radio.

Prior to her studies at UF and her internship at NPR, Annie served as the volunteer manager at WETA-TV/FM in Arlington, Va., producer HearSay at WHRV-FM in Norfolk, Va., and did some freelance work for the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU-FM in Washington. She returned to school to meld her experiences into a career in programming and station management and came to NPR this summer to learn about public radio from a national perspective.

Annie is an avid swimmer and recovering beach bum who plans to spend as much time as she can in the water this summer. Of course, that will only happen when she's not writing in a blog no one reads, enjoying nachos and karaoke at her favorite local dive bar, cheering her head off at Nats games, voraciously reading graphic novels, or generally inciting mayhem during her brief time back home here in Washington.

To-Wen Tseng - Morning Edition
To-Wen Tseng

To-Wen Tseng is a graduate student at Boston University. She was recently the Supreme Court correspondent for TVBS, the leading news channel in Taiwan. She has also written for the United Daily News, the leading newspaper in Taiwan, and the Economic Daily News. After receiving her B.A. in journalism from Chinese Culture University, Tseng studied international relations in North Carolina State University. She worked for UNC-TV as a production assistant. Tseng is expected to graduate in January, 2008.

See a video produced by To-Wen for the AAJA 2007 convention.

Katerina Valdivieso - News Training Unit
Katerina Valdivieso

Katerina Valdivieso is the Executive Producer of NPR's Summer 2007 Intern Edition. She is originally from Lima, Peru, where she began studying Economics at Universidad del Pacifico. In her third year, she realized that she did not enjoy what she was studying and did not want to commit to work as an economist for the rest of her life. Her literature professor-who was also the editor of Debate, a well-known journalistic magazine-asked Katerina to be her assistant for the summer so she could have the chance to explore a different profession. Since then, Katerina has developed a passion for journalism and communications in general.

Katerina moved to the United States, where she graduated from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia with a degree in English. She worked for several local Hispanic newspapers. In 2004, she founded her own Communications company, RiganiDigital S.A., and produced two newspapers in Spanish which were distributed in different areas of Philadelphia.

Katerina's current goal is to break into American media to work as a bilingual journalist. Last year, she participated in Radio Ondas, a student project sponsored by NPR, and she interned at Bloomberg News in the broadcast department. Katerina is excited to be working on Intern Edition this summer, surrounded by incredibly talented people-including the interns!

Neil Vaishnav - Office of the General Counsel
Neil Vaishnav

Neil Vaishnav was raised in San Jose, CA. He attended college, and currently attends law school, at Columbia University. Neil enjoys dogs, tacos, In-n-Out hamburgers, pizza, atonal music, and long walks on the beach. He hopes to learn to whistle before his untimely death at the age of 47.

Katherine Vera - Audience Corporate Research
Katherine Vera

A D.C. native, Kat has recently graduated from Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pa., with a degree in Criminal Justice Studies. While at Juniata, Kat played Field Hockey for 4 years, and was an active member of Habitat for Humanity and President of the Criminal Justice Club. She previously worked at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington D.C.

Kat spent a spring semester of her undergrad studying abroad in Lincoln, England. While in England she took many forensic science courses, and traveled all over Europe in five months.

Kat now is a member of the audience and corporate research team because she has extensive knowledge and background in recording data and conducting research from her science background. She enjoyed her science classes in college very much and hopes to use the skills she acquired in forensic science and biology in a future professional field. Kat also hopes to do more traveling overseas and possibly obtain an international job overseas. Her other interests include kayaking, eating out in new restaurants, reading and listening to live music.

Kayla Webley - Digital News
Kayla Webley

Kayla just graduated (amidst a torrential downpour) from the University of Washington in Seattle with a double major in journalism and political science. Her break from classes and books will be short lived, as she will enroll as a graduate student at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in September.

As an intern, Kayla was The Portland Oregonian's sole reporter covering the Washington State Legislature. She dabbled in cops, community and human-interest features while interning for The Seattle Times and got her feet wet in D.C. politics reporting for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire. She also worked for The University of Washington Daily newspaper for the majority of her time as an undergraduate, most notably serving as the editor-in-chief. But radio and the online realm are a previously untapped world Kayla is looking forward to discovering this summer.

Kayla spent half of 2006 abroad living and studying in Athens, Greece. While in Athens, Kayla freelanced for the city's sole English-language newspaper. In those months, she traveled to 11 countries in Europe and Northern Africa. Her goal following graduate school is to serve as an international reporter specializing in features and politics, and as a freelance travel writer.

Kayla is happy to know that journalism will allow her to combine her three passions into one career: writing, traveling and politics. She hopes this summer in D.C. is just the beginning of the people and places she will come to know.

Todd Welstein - Digital Media Technical
Todd Welstein

Todd Welstein is excited to be working as the Digital Media intern this summer. Hailing from Chicago, he graduated in June 2007 from DePaul University. In the past Todd spent time at various Chicago radio stations as well as programmed and hosted a free-form music show on Northwestern University's radio station.

Whitney Winn - Library - Reference
Whitney Winn

Currently a graduate student at UCLA and a long-time southern Californian, Whitney Winn can't seem to stay away from the East Coast. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2006, where she split her time between studying linguistics, editing the school paper and working at the lovely Swem Library.

Now fully immersed in the wonderful world of library science at UCLA, she is happy to return to the East Coast this summer and put her reference skills to use for the journalists at NPR. After the summer she has one year left to finish her studies, decide how to use her degree and pick which coast to live on.

When she's not looking up information factoids, Whitney enjoys reading voraciously, attending indie rock concerts and dreaming up ambitious world travel plans, among about a thousand other things.

Mike Winters - Digital Media Sponsorship
Mike Winters

Mike Winters was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, a city that can best be characterized by excellent local foods and floundering professional sports franchises. After high school, Mike headed south to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he will graduate with a degree in public policy and a minor in entrepreneurship in 2008.

Mike is the first-ever Sponsorship intern in Digital Media. Sponsorship is responsible for all of the banners and pre-rolls on NPR.org and podcasts, which bring in revenue for the site.

An avid basketball fan, Mike tried out for a spot on the Tar Heels' roster last fall. Though you will not see him in a UNC jersey next season, he still enjoys a game of pick-up whenever possible. Mike also likes to travel, read, run, and go to museums during his lunch break. Mike is also an aspiring bike commuter, so look for him riding around the streets of D.C. on your way to work.

Addie Whisenant - Tell Me More
Addie Whisenant

Addie Whisenant was born in raised in Atlanta, Ga. Since she was in elementary school writing articles for her school newspaper, she always knew she wanted to be a journalist. Throughout middle and high school Addie continued to write for her school newspaper and also got a chance to anchor her high school's morning newscast. When it was time for Addie to choose a college major she knew that it would be journalism.

Addie graduated magna cum laude from North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications. While at A&T, Addie was a member of several organizations including the National Association of Black Journalists where she served as President for two years, and also the Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies where she serves as the student board member. Addie has had several internship and volunteer experiences including Turner Broadcasting Systems, NASCAR, CBS Radio in Atlanta, WNAA-FM and currently NPR. With a commitment to public service Addie also spends a great deal of time volunteering with local organizations including the Ronald McDonald House and the Girl Scouts of America, where she served as an Assistant Troop Leader. Addie wants to become a reporter because she is always interested in telling the stories that don't often get told.

D'Anthony White - National Desk

D'Anthony M. White is a senior studying Radio & Television News in the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU). Currently, he is a general assignment reporter for KOMU-TV in Columbia, Mo.-MU's NBC affiliate.

As a native Washingtonian, D'Anthony attended Calvin Coolidge Senior High School in Northwest where he helped revive the school's student newspaper. Through a partnership with the Washington Post's Young Journalists Development Program (YJDP), Coolidge High School was able to bring back the school paper after 16 years. In his senior year, D'Anthony served as Editor-in- Chief of The Colt Pride.

D'Anthony's passion for journalism is shown in his drive and perseverance to learn the craft while being legally blind. At MU, he continues to volunteer at the university's cable television station MUTV. In addition, each summer he helps high school students produce a newscast with the Washington Association of Black Journalists' Urban Journalism Workshop housed at WUSA-TV in Washington.

Prior to interning at NPR, D'Anthony spent three summers interning for ABC News affiliates in Washington.

Kenya Young - News & Notes, NPR West
Kenya Young

Kenya Young is currently a graduate student in Broadcast Journalism and Media Analysis at California State University, Northridge. She received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in American Studies and a minor in Journalism. During her time at Notre Dame, she was a reporter and editor at the school's student paper, The Observer. After ten years in corporate America, Kenya recently contracted the "radio bug" while working as a news writer for CSUN's campus station KCSN for a graduate class. This fall, Kenya will be an integral part of KCSN's line up as a reporter and anchor. She will also produce and report on the student-run cable show On-Point.

Kenya recently was awarded Best In Show: 2nd place -- judged by a panel of 16 industry executives -- at a student TV showcase for her news magazine feature, The N Word, which she wrote and produced.

Kenya previously interned in commercial radio at Clear Channel's KOST 103.5 FM with the "Mark and Kim Morning Show" where she was buried in entertainment news writing. After too many days of writing about Paris Hilton, Alec Baldwin and Britney Spears, Kenya was ready to return to her journalistic roots and sought - and clenched -- the internship with NPR's News & Notes program.

As a non-traditional student, Kenya has more than 10 years corporate work experience and is married with two young children, ages 3.5 and 1.5. Previously, Kenya worked as a film publicist for Rogers & Cowan, a financial representative for AIG SunAmerica and Jackson National Life, and a manager for fitness and well-being companies.