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WHAT is "Intern Edition."

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Intern Edition is a great many things. No single voice or experience captures its entirety. It is the Grand Bazaar of experiences. The sights and sounds are aplenty. Intern Edition at its core is the most basic fundamental building block of what each new group of NPR interns create. That solid foundation is what guides the creativity of the next generation of radio journalists as they intern for NPR.

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You can't find training like this for college students let alone have it come from inside an international media company. This isn't about getting coffee or doing the grunt work for someone else's story. Intern Edition is about going out on your own, finding your own creative voice, making your own mistakes and finally realizing your own vision. It's not just about radio either. Intern Edition is also about the website. The website is the ultimate playground for Intern Edition because it is the final destination for our show but also our portal to you, our listener. Below you'll find a sort of history. You can see how we've evolved. The Intern Edition websites that grew from infancy to full fledged virtual destinations in line with the times. So check us out. Hear our bit of sound because we're making some noise!

But, where did it come from?

Next Generation Radio:
A series of week-long student training projects, designed to give students who are interested in radio and journalism the skills and opportunity to report and produce their own radio story.
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