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Welcome to NPR's "Intern Edition."

It started in the summer of 1999. The summer's interns felt the best way to enhance their time at NPR, was to do their own show, on their own, front to back, through all the ups and downs. It was a great idea. Interns will get a full understanding of HOW stories get to air, inside the building. I can remember how excited they were. I can remember how exhausted they were. It had never been done before and no one had the time to help. I helped in 1999 because my office at the time was right outside the edit booth where they tried to literally cut and splice together a 90 minute program. Whew! I could see their frustration, took pity and helped where I could. Now, it's my job and I enjoy it immensely.

Now, Intern Edition is part of the fabric of NPR. We've done 10 years of shows -- and counting. More than 65 former interns are now full time regular or temporary employees of NPR. I hear from former interns almost daily. Intern Edition, as part of our next generation radio training initiative, has become well-oiled process for developing young talent. Some former interns are now NPR employees. NPR's Southern reporter based in Nashville, a Justice Department reporter, a regular newscaster and a substitute co-host of "Day-To Day" in Los Angeles. There are dozens of other producers as well as NPR-station based reporters and producers. Some are in Chicago, hosting and reporting. Others are in LA, Boston, Denver, Laramie Wyoming, Austin, Atlanta and Seattle. Intern Edition as part of the next generation radio training program, has helped place over 200 people in various media around the US and in four other countries.

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Doug Mitchell Project ManagerNext gen radio

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