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NPR Interns
Summer 2002
Washington, DC


Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller (Andy if you prefer) is interning with both On-Air Fundraising and Present at the Creation, and is a Producer and the Music Director for Intern Edition. He has lived in Alexandria, VA (just outside DC) all his life, except while attending the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, whence he recently received a BA in Media Studies and Psychology. He plans to attend graduate school to further study media and culture (specifically, children's culture), but no definite date or school is set.

Andy's primary interest outside of work is music: he co-founded the rock band Gulf Coast Army over 7 years ago, plays with two other bands, and volunteers at Fort Reno, a park that features free rock concerts every Monday and Thursday during the summer. A former DJ for WTJU in Charlottesville, Andy has also worked for National Geographic Television and Transport Topics, the nation's trucking industry newspaper. He is interested in documentaries and other creative nonfiction, starting a record label, running a teen hangout, and reading and writing criticism (music, culture, politics, academics, etc.). Andy likes working at NPR because of his wonderful co-workers, and it makes him feel smarter.