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NPR Interns
Summer 2002
Washington, DC


Irene Noguchi
Irene Noguchi recently walked through the sandstone arches of Stanford University and into the open arms of unemployment. She's not sure how this will affect her income, but to be on the safe side, she has already invested in a Giant supersaver card.

Born in Long Beach, California, and with relatives in Hawaii, she is rather fond of boogey-boarding and tide pools. She loves visiting her grandparents on Oahu, where you can drive through sugar cane fields and swimmers can jump off "the Rock" during their lunch break.

Favorites: Edinburgh, U2, dogs, "The Shawshank Redemption" and the Australian Open. Tennis is a #1 priority.

Goals: There's an old advertisement on her desk that reads, "I am ______ years old. My goal is to _____________." Right now, she's filling the blanks with "21" and "be a professional journalist who travels worldwide."

Overseas: Two quarters in Oxford. She studied Shakespeare and rowed while they filmed "Harry Potter" in a nearby cow field. Her biggest task there was Thanksgiving for her British house, complete with six turkeys and imported pumpkin pie mix through someone's New York parents. If you ever need a 40-gallon vat for mashed potatoes, her extension is 3956.