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NPR Interns
Summer 2002
Washington, DC


Joe Polich Joe Polich

In 1992, Joe Polich moved from Scotland to his current home in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, the "Harbor of Hospitality." Until late 1996, Joe was the "new guy" at school. If childhood ridicule builds character, Joe gained enough character during those years. Joe grew up in a town that was centered around country values, "ev'ybody knowin' ev'ybody," and churches on every city block. His first flash of greatness was his surprising 2nd place finish in the all-county all-age Horseshoes tournament at the 1998 County Potato Festival, which is hailed by many as "interesting."

Joe attended Northeastern High School in Elizabeth City. Some of his favorite activities were soccer and Quiz Bowl, a soulless esteem crushing question-and-answer competition, affectionately referred to as "Nerd Bowl." He played fullback for the soccer team, leading a defense whose main problem was that the ball spent too much time on his side of the field. Joe also captained the quiz bowl team, which means he had to give all the motivational "win one for the gipper" pre-match pep talks that made NHS Quiz Bowl so famous. But, you lose when you don't know the answers. And, when you don't know the answers, you don't know the answers. He's still bitter.


Joe recently spent a semester in Ireland, where he enjoyed a relatively successful time at the ubiquitous notion of "backpacking around Europe." He is now a Junior psychology/biology student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. An aspiring psychologist, camp director, singer/songwriter, journalist, and comedian, he spends most of his free time involved in residence hall programs or trying a new club sport on for size (club soccer wouldn't let him on the same field, and handball didn't fit either). Joe is also working on a new sport, "playing in mud puddles." His spare-spare time is spent finding new ways to slide in mud puddles as the UNC recreational fields are being watered. He also is very dedicated to spiking his friends' drinks with Tabasco as soon as they leave the table.

Currently, Joe is interning at National Public Radio in the Radio Expeditions department, and is still finding a way to channel his artistic gifts into the production of the show. Maybe he'll find his home in public radio. When we asked Joe's mentor, Vanilla Ice where he thought Joe would end up, he replied "Where's he gonna stop? Yo, I don't know."