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NPR Interns
Summer 2002
Washington, DC


Molly Earle
Molly Earle is the intern for Weekend Edition Sunday. She lives near Philadelphia and majors in Art and English at Wellesley College. Last January she escaped the dark and cold of New England and went to Morocco, where she learned to bargain and make couscous. She's interested in making radio and photography documentaries. When she's not in the darkroom, Molly is in the radio station in her role as music director for WZLY ( Last summer she interned for WHYY, interviewing members of the Sun Ra Arkestra and the director of a musical about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Molly has had a great time calling famous peoples' publicists, pre-interviewing the winners of "The Puzzle," and waking up at 4:30 on Sunday mornings while at National Public Radio.