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NPR Interns
Summer 2002
Washington, DC


Intern Edition

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Open Music:
Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full (Seven Minutes of Music: The Coldcut Remix) [BMI]

One-Man Crusade: Nick Dupree Fights to Stay Home
Reporter: Scott Jones
Producer: Irene Noguchi
While most young adults are fighting to leave home, heíll be doing his best to stay in when he turns 21. Thatís because Nick has muscular dystrophy and requires 24-hour home care, funding that Medicaid says it canít provide once he turns 21. This means that Nick may be leaving for a nursing home. Now Nick is taking up the fight for Medicaid reform, tracking down legislators and pushing a bill into Congress all from his home computer. He calls it Nickís CrusadeÖ and it just may save his life.

Nick Dupree Out Music:
Yo La Tengo - How Some Jellyfish Are Born [BMI]

Disabled Passengers Wonder: Are Metroís Doors Always Open?
Reporter: Sky Rhode
Producer: Megan Margetic
The story of Jeremiah Hamilton and what it means for WMATAís civil rights practices. Is the Metro violating the civil rights of its disabled passengers by not having consistently operational elevators in their stations? If they are violating civil rights, is the Metro legally liable? Who ensures that WMATA complies to requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act and meets the needs of all its passengers?

Confronting a Taboo: Depression and African American women
Reporter: Mikhaila Richards
Producer: Andrew Miller
An exploration of perceptions of mental health in the black community.

Depression Music:
Sonic Youth - Lincoln's Gout
Lamya - Black Mona Lisa
Prefuse 73 (w/ MF Doom & Aesop Rock) - Blacklist


Housesitting 1 Music:
Jo Stafford w/ Paul Weston & His Orchestra - You Belong To Me

Below the Surface: Dowsing in a Drought
Listen Reporter: Joseph Polich
Producer: Dania Akkad
Dowsers claim to have incredible success in finding one of life's most basic needs: water. However their method is controversial, unproven, and to put it plainly, unscientific and therefore not acceptable by most of society. We ask the question "Should we turn to dowsers for help in times of extreme drought? (Should we trust their unconventional ways?)" We investigate by asking the dowsers about their skills and experiences, but we also as the Maryland Geological Survey how they find water and contrast their scientific and calculable ways to the unconventional methods of the dowser. We also call upon the National Academy of Sciences to discuss the scientific merits of the field of dowsing.

Dowsing Out Music:
DJ Spooky - Galactic Funk (Live from the Black Hole Mix) [BMI]

Self Determination and Sovereignty - Not Just Political Policy
Reporter: Jaynie Parrish
Why is Self-Determination and Sovereignty so important to Native Nations?
I will briefly explain from my point of view the importance of this concept and itís real impacts on Native peoples. To further describe this topic I will address the current issues of Sacred Sites and Jurisdiction. And why these two topics/pieces of legislation will and can affect Native American Self-Determination/Sovereignty.
There will be a description given for what Self-Determination/Sovereignty means with its political and personal impacts to Native people.
Thus, use of the words Self-Determination and Sovereignty essentially have the same meaning/definition and will be used interchangeable.

Sovereignty Music:
Leana Clark - Bluebird Song
Ft. Wingate Indian School Children's Chorus - Navajo: Song of Happiness

Bumper Music:
Yo La Tengo (reprise)

Housesitting 2
Housesitting 2 Music:
Barry Black - Dueling Elephants Bob Boilen

The Big Break

It is a look at the history of American talent shows by highlighting the changes in the format that have transpired over 70 years and why. The piece questions why American Idol has seen such success reviving the format. Executive producers, historians and viewers helps listeners understand what attracts viewers to recently developed shows such as American Idol.

The Big Break Producer Interview

Interview Out Music:
Do Make Say Think - Nyet Nyet

Military Detainment or Civil Courts? The Fate of Detainees
Reporter: Mariya Rasner
Producer: Vincent Hsia
The particular cases of detainees John Walker Lindh, Jose Padilla and Zacharias Moussaoui spotlights varied responses from one government, the U.S. government. The focus is the reasons and complexities that caused their different treatments.

Detainees Out Music:
Aphex Twin - Flim

As the Orchestra Plays On

Reporter: Erica Philips
Producer: Chris Reed
Symphony orchestras around the country have recently been facing a financial crunch. As audiences dwindle, revenues fall, leaving many in the industry to wonder whether the traditional orchestra will survive. But a new study shows that classical music still has a strong following and suggests that orchestras need to re-think their marketing efforts.

Increase in crickets - possible leap to world stage
Reporter: Caroline Nathan
Producer: Sarika Gupta
The piece will lead off with the story about the world cup possibly coming to the states in 2007. Then it will turn to a description of cricket in America, with a focus on the development of cricket leagues in school.

Closing Music:
Claude Denjean - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye