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NPR Interns
Summer 2002
Washington, DC


Scott Jones
For the last ten years or so, Scott Jones has called North Carolina his home, but it was his time spent living here in Washington, DC some thirteen years ago that set him on his current career path. Majoring in Political Science and African American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he intends on graduating in 2004 and proceeding immediately to law school. After practicing law for a few years, he hopes to move into the public sphere and serve as a legislator - perhaps here in Washington - for the bulk of his adult life.

There are some conflicting interests, though. He loves the South dearly. Despite its backwardness (which he loathes and fights each day as a liberal in a conservative state), the peacefulness, gentility, and slow pace make for easy living. He enjoys the beach more than just about anything, craves Eastern North Carolina barbecue, hushpuppies, and slaw, and, for some odd reason, has a thing for hurricanes (Florence, Emily, Floyd, Bertha, and Fran are just a few that have come his way). In the end, he'll probably have to compromise. Being a U. S. Senator would be great, and it still might happen, but he just doesn't think he'd feel quite right anywhere else but where he calls home right now.

Absolute Truths: The best book ever written is A Prayer for Owen Meany, despite a strong showing by The Princess Bride. If you haven't seen Bottle Rocket, you should drop what you're doing and check it out; it does a better job of describing his brand of humor than any other film. The best food is a tie between his chicken parmesan and, well, chicken fingers, which are too often only sold on the children's menu.