June 7, 2002 - Initiation of NPR Fledglings (First Meeting)

The first meeting of the Intern Edition staff was radiating with anticipation and excitement. Everyone was anxious to begin the grueling process that is Intern Edition. Sarita Jackson, the Executive Producer, and Doug Mitchell welcomed speakers Jonathan Kern, Executive Producer of All Things Considered, and Jim Lesher, Editorial Assistant. Jonathan Kern talked about how to pitch a story. He mentioned relevance, characters, and tension as some of the criteria that you use to assess whether you have a story. He also that the best place to look for stories is in your personal experience. He also invited interns to see a taping of All Things Considered some time during their time here. Jim Lesher also revealed invaluable information about how to get studio time. Our engineer for Intern Edition will be Mark Greenhouse. It's important to remember to stay within your scheduled time in the studio. Interns will begin pitching stories next Friday. Don't forget to give Sarita your contact information and application by Monday @ 5pm.

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