June 19, 2002 - Brown Bag Lunch with Margaret Low Smith and Kingsley Smith, Programming

Satellite radio getting ready to take flight. Wouldn't you like to drive coast to coast without ever hearing that annoying static, a bunch of commercials and having to fuss over changing your radio station? Satellite radio has now made that possible. Vice President of Programming, Margaret Low Smith and Program Director of NPR2, Kingsley Smith, discussed NPR programming and the newly launched Sirius Radio.
Interns learned about the innovative changes taking place, which includes creating a Music and Entertainment Division and the addition of The Motley Fool Radio Show and The Tavis Smiley Show. Smith intrigued students by explaining the latest series of creative restructuring by discussing how, much like cable, listeners can subscribe to satellite radio and receive over 100 plus channels commercial free.
Sirius Radio's nationwide service is set to be available by July 1.

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