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NPR Interns
Summer 2002
Washington, DC


Vincent Hsia
Why Vincent Writes.......

Sonograms from weeks earlier depicted a healthy baby. Expectations were that Vincent was a girl. He came out 1 months premature and to the surprise of his mother, a boy. Despite the pink baby clothes, Vincent did things his way, away from the norm.

Vincent's independent nature was further developed when he moved to Los Angeles from Taiwan in 1990. He discovered that by not knowing English, not being able to speak, he lost his individuality. Vincent learned early on the importance of the power of words.

With new vocabulary, words that his native language, Mandarin, did not have, Vincent was able to express himself in new ways. Language became a skill for him. Through practice he acquired variations in accent and style. Vincent does not know anyone else who speaks like he does.

Having people understand what he has to say was the main objective. Picking up colloquial speech is one thing, but putting what was in his head into words was another. Vincent has thoughts and images that he wants to share with the whole world. He knows that he is different, and he tries hard not to conform. Slowly, only by putting his words on paper and revising it again and again is he able to transform the complex thoughts in his brain into coherent ideas.

Writing has become the method Vincent uses to persuade. Able to empathize with the voiceless who are not able to speak their mind, Vincent hope to help people with his writing. Immigrants and youths are groups that he often writes about. Morning Edition at NPR has given Vincent the rare opportunity to express his views to a massive audience. Each time Vincent writes, he has a cause, a purpose. He brings up key issues that are important to him. Vincent wants people to feel his words, and he pushes to better himself each time.

This is why Vincent writes: to better himself, to help others and to develop his own voice.