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Videos of NPR interns

Click on photos to see and hear former interns talking about their internships at NPR

Rekha Murthy started as an NPR intern then spent a few years working as a production assistant for All Things Considered, a full-time job here. She was promoted to assistant producer of that program Since then she's moved to Boston to attend MIT.
Athena Desai
Athena Desai is a graduate of Vassar College. Athena applied for an internship on the Washington desk. She always wanted to work at NPR and thought getting an internship upon college graduation would be a good way to get started. Little did she know that she was to be immersed in 1998's Spring of "Scandal." Athena is now a reporter for NPR member station WBUR in Boston.
Andrea Valdez was an intern at NPR during the summer of 2000. 'Andy' is yet another example of someone who decided that she wanted to work in public radio and was going to do it no matter what. A Texas native, Andy worked at Latino USA in Austin before moving to California last year. Click on the photo of Andy to the left and see a video about her "drive" to become a public radio producer/reporter.
Ira Glass (Yes, the one who hosts This American Life) got his start in radio a long time ago. How long? Well, how much do you remember about disco music? Probably not right? Anyway, check out the story behind this former NPR intern who was supposed to be a doctor.
Twice, Nadia Sarkis was turned down for positions at NPR. In the summer of 2001, she got in as an intern in our Legal Department as she was attending the Law School at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. Nadia has her law degree and passed the bar in Colorado. Now she clerking at the Colorado Supreme Court. She still writes us looking for a way to come back to public radio. Nadia doesn't give up...
Charlie Mayer has now moved up to Producer for Weekend Edition Saturday. His desire to work in radio was such that he told a station manager he'd be a "custodial technician" if it got him in the door. Check out the full story.
Bobby Carter started as an intern for NPR in the summer of 2000 working for Bob Boilen, the host and creator of All Songs Considered." Now, Bobby is working full-time in NPR Online as a content developer. Bobby wasn't particular about where he worked, he just wanted to work. In fact, you can see Bobby in our promotional video on our summer internship program. Click on the photo to hear his personal story or click above to see our video about our summer program.
Tanja Hester interned for NPR's Washington Desk during the summer of 2000. Here, she talks about what it was like to host the program "Intern Edition," the show conceived, written, reported and produced entirely by summer interns.
Former NPR Intern Eve Troeh interned at NPR during the summer of 2000. She interned for NPR's special correspondent Susan Stamberg. After her internship, Eve worked as an editor and producer for the Public Radio International program American Routes in New Orleans. Eve is in Norway now on a study program, but she'll be back. Click on the photo to hear her story....
Grant Olsen was an intern at NPR this past summer, working on Talk Of The Nation. Grant graduated from Iowa State University (Go Big 12!!!) and is working at NPR member station WOI in Ames, Iowa.