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Josh Kim goes from "Ouch" on tape to "Cut!" on Film

Josh Kim

During the summer of 2003 intern Josh Kim, set out to answer this burning question: Why do people from different countries express pain differently? Most Americans might say "Ouch!" when they stub their toe or touch a hot stove.

Now, Josh is living in Seoul South Korea and is making films. We found him on Facebook. In fact, many former NPR interns and next gen reporters are there. We asked Josh to tell us what he's up to. He writes: "I made this film 3 years after my summer internship at NPR. I was living in Hong Kong and like always was curious of things I saw around me. With news reporting people go out and try to find answers to slake their curiosity. With narrative film, however, while there is still this aspect of searching for answers (i.e. to keep the story real) people are able to answer questions with their own imaginations. For me, making the jump from radio to film was a bit tough at first, but having a good training in audio production and story development at NPR gave me a invaluable head start."

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