KALW/Burton High School
Student Project

San Francisco, March 2005

Listen to the newsmagazine created by
Burton students and KALW (23:34)

Cristal Fiel
Mentor: Stephanie Loleng, Philippine News, Pacific Time

"The Commuter"
She gets up at 5 a.m. to make the 90 min. drive from Fairfield to SF with her mom and dad, who work in the city.  Her mom drives while Cristal and her father sleep.
She spends 3 hours everyday commuting to and from school.  She now thinks this is wasted time.
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Elyse Fontanilla
Mentor: Valerie Edwards, broadcast instructor, San Francisco City College

"The Hallways of School"
Elyse will introduce us to Burton High School, describing the place and the people in it. Her piece asks the question that Cristal raises:  how do you create an atmosphere where different groups mingle and interact, while preserving a sense of cultural identity? Read more.

Kimberly Woo
Mentor: Carrie Kahn, NPR

"My Neighborhood"
Kimberly is one of the only students who lives in the neighborhood and she’ll introduce us to it. 
According to our group, it’s rare to be from the neighborhood.
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