NAHJ Conference
June 12-17, 2006
Next Generation Radio took 6 bright journalism students, paired them with NPR reporters and producers, showed them a thing or two, and sent them out to report a story. Will they crack under the pressure? Will their stories be as good as previous years'?
Here's who attended...stay tuned to hear their work:

Vanessa  Romo

"Me importa tres pepinos."
Vanessa Romo
Story Summary
Miami's Chess Academy

Vanessa Romo was born and raised in Los Angeles. She received her BA in History with a minor in Theatre from Loyola Marymount University. She recently graduated from New York University with a Master's degree in Journalism. Vanessa has been a news anchor for WNYU-FM and has studied abroad in Germany and Mexico.

Esther Manilla

"I want to get more confidence as a producer."
Esther Manilla
Story Summary
Miami immigrants (7:22)

Esther Manilla first fell in love with radio in LA. She volunteered at KPFK-FM until she got a job, in fundraising/
programming. She will graduate from San Francisco State University in December, with a double major in journalism and Latino studies. She now volunteers at KPFA, working at their show "Making Contact."

Bianca Villani

"I failed chemistry and realized I couldn't be a nurse."
Bianca Villani
Story summary
MTV Tr3s

Bianca Villani will be a senior at New Mexico State University. After trying other media, she took a radio class and thought that everyone was so real and comfortable. She was impressed by how it wasn't competitive, and students helped each other. Bianca made a documentary that was played on KRWG-FM, and is a DJ and news director for the student-run station.

Luis Sierra

"I discovered that I like to tell people stories. You can learn so much from each individual story."
Luis Sierra
listen (1:01)

Luis Sierra is an immigrant from Mexico. He went to school to become a doctor. When his mom got cancer, he did a ton of research, and discovered things that most people didn't know. This inspired him to be a journalist, so he's starting over, and going to East LA Community College to be a health reporter.

Oscar Garcia

"I want to become an overall better journalist...not just excel in one area."
Oscar Garcia
Story summary
Adult Education (English) 2:29
Cuban journalists (Spanish) 0:51

Oscar Garcia is a recent New Mexico State University graduate. He didn't realize how much he liked radio reporting until he took a class his last semester at NMSU. He is currently living a dual life as a journalist by participating in this program, and producing the 5 o'clock newscast for KDBC 4 News in El Paso, TX.

Katerina Valdivieso

"I can fill out immigration forms - all of them."
Katerina Valdivieso
Brazil soccer (English) (0:59)
Brazil soccer (Spanish)
Kaka (English)
Kaka (Spanish)

Katerina is from Peru, and lives in Philadelphia now. On her journey to make it in news, she has worked many different jobs, while convincing people that she knows how to write and has the credentials. A start-up newspaper in Philadelphia opened a company in Peru, just to be able to pay her legally. She served as editor for a year, until going back to school to improve her English. She will have a degree this summer from St. Joseph's University, with a major in English and Communications.

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Next Generation Radio is a series of one-week, student radio training projects co-sponsored by NPR and several journalist and media organizations. The projects are designed to give students who are interested in radio and journalism an opportunity to report and produce their own radio story.

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NAHJ Mentors

Brenda De Anda, Assistant news director, KVIA-TV, El Paso, TX

Adam Saytanides, Deputy Producer, Latino USA

Mandalit DelBarco, Reporter, NPR

Shereen Meraji, Producer/Director, Day to Day, NPR

Tom Krymkowski, Audio Engineer, KQED-FM, San Francisco, CA

Howard Liberman, Host, Bloomberg Radio

Rachel Basofin, Webmaster, NPR

Managing Editor: Michelle Garcia, New York bureau, Washington Post

Doug Mitchell, Next Generation Project Manager, NPR