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Asma Khalid
Another Fall 2007 Intern goes to air

Fall 2007 National Desk Intern Asma Khalid’s story on Muslim Speed Dating aired on Morning Edition. Scroll down to hear the original piece as it aired on Intern Edition. Then, check out the piece for Morning Edition.

Sean Bowditch
Truly, madly and deeply?

Fall 2007 All Things Considered Intern Sean Bowditch investigates a common belief. Do deeper voiced men attract more women?

His story aired on Morning Edition January 4th.

Addie Goss
Former next gen reporter creates a “memorable moments.”
Addie Goss is now a host and reporter for Wyoming Public Radio. But before landing that job she’s garnered some recognition from NPR and the public radio exchange (PRX). Addie has reported for next generation radio, a piece done by Brown Student Radio where Addie was a student was one of the most licensed by PRX. Now, Ms Goss’s work for NPR has been recognized as one of the 10 most memorable moments for 2007. Well done Addie…”
Becky Martinez
Summer 2007 Intern reports on church in Virginia.
Former Weekend Edition Saturday intern Rebecca Martinez had a story idea and wondered if NPR would use it. She got her answer and it was “yes.”
Jasmine Garsd
Former intern goes to air.
Summer 2007 Talk of the Nation intern Jasmine Garsd has done her first audio piece. It aired the week of November 10th on NPR’s “Latino USA.”
Christopher Johnson
Listening & supporting

News and Notes Producer Christopher Johnson reviewed a new, jazz-inflected album by hip-hip impresario “Guru” for NPR’s Day To Day. Christopher is a former next gen student having been a reporter for the NABJ radio project in 2001.

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