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"Class Acts" Radio Theater

NPR newscaster Frank Stasio continues to travel around the country presenting radio theater workshops for young people. His latest adventure took him to the Interlochen Arts Academy near Traverse City, Michigan, where he worked with the foreign study students taking English as a Second language. The academy is a fine arts high school with an international reputation. Frank worked with 16 students to write a 15-minute comic adventure called "The Sapphire Mummy." All of the roles in the production, including voice actors, director, sound effects and technical crew, were taken by students. You can contact Frank at

  • NPR Newscaster Frank Stasio introduces "Class Acts" and plays audio samples from some of the work he and his students of radio theater have done. (4:45)

  • Another performance with 10 - 14 year old actors at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. It was recorded in August 2002. This play is called "Error Code 553."
  • This performance is called "Inspector Dandelion." It was recorded and produced by 10 - 14 year old actors at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan in August of 2002. (11:47)

  • "Sapphire Mummy" was performed and produced by Sophomores and Juniors attending ESL programs at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan. It was recorded in May of 2002. (15:05)

  • "Riding the Rails" was recorded by actors from 7th grade at St. Lukes Elementary School in McLean, Virginia in April 2002. (15:29)



Frank Stasio and student crew
Frank Stasio (the one with the beard) and his student radio theater crew.

Frank Stasio and student crew
Frank Stasio and students

Frank Stasio Frank Stasio