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Spring 2004 Intern Edition

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Jesse Baker
Jesse Baker is a green eyed, brown haired female who burns in the sun with the exception of a few freckles that reside on her nose. She's a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia who's originally from Louisville, KY, prefers sandals to socks, Guava-Mango Tango to plain old vanilla and thinks Tina Fey is a goddess. She's the Arts Desk Intern and couldn't imagine a better place to work.
Van Carney
Van Carney has worked in radio before, while attending Oxford Univeristy, as both a programmer and DJ, but he is more commonly known for his transubstantiation of bread and wine. He graduates in May and currently lives in Washington, D.C.
Dustin Dwyer
Dustin Dwyer is one of our interns. Stuff about him goes here.
Elisa Jacobs
Elisa Jacobs is the Morning Edition Intern at NPR and is in the process of earning a B.A. in English at U.C Berkeley. When she is not reading obscure 19th century novels she enjoys yoga, museums, and independent films. Elisa has worked as a newspaper and radio journalist in Berkeley and has most recently worked at KQED in San Francisco. Some of her aspirations include working in public broadcasting, going to culinary school, and meeting Ira Glass.
Liz Kaufman
Liz Kaufman graduated from Brown University this December with a degree in Sociology. Liz's main areas of focus at Brown were public education and prison issues. Liz's interest in working in public radio developed late into college through her involvement in various oral history projects at Brown and work she has done in Nicaragua and El Salvador in youth radio there. She is looking forward to continuing work in radio journalism and documentary film.
Austin Kennedy
Austin Kennedy grew up in Switzerland and Turkey and sometimes forgets what language he's supposed to be speaking. He studied writing and photography, so radio was a natural first career step.
Megan Meline
Megan Meline is the National Desk intern. She's new to radio, having worked in either print journalism or public health for the past 10 years. Most recently, she was an editor at the World Health Organization in Manila. Before that, she helped launch the School Health Project for Peace Corps in Tanzania. She has also been a science writer at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and an assistant editor at Education Week Newspaper.
Kyle Orland
Kyle Orland is the Online intern at NPR. He came into journalism by way of computer science -- like so many before him -- and is trying to find a niche in the emerging world of online journalism. When not writing third-person bios about himself, Kyle tries to find time to play his ridiculous collection of video games.
Sara Ris
Sara Ris was born to crunchy-granola parents who didn't allow her to watch TV when she was a little girl, so she spent much of her childhood with her friends on NPR. After a brief hiatus from anything educational (aka. adolescence), she became an editor of her college newspaper, and, much to her parents' relief, found herself constantly tuning in to NPR once again. Sara's dream job is to work for NPR, but if that falls through she will either teach middle school math or sing opera.
Nathan Santamaria
Nathan Santamaria is one of our interns. Stuff about him goes here.
Monica Walters
Monica Walters is a student at University of California at Berkeley majoring in Political Science and minoring in Spanish. She is currently interning for the National Desk, Washington Bureau... And she finds writing in the third person very strange!