Intern Edition Summer 2004
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Intern Edition is Live!

April 28, 2005
That's right... now you can listen to all or part of the Spring 2005 Intern Edition from the comfort of your own computer.

Mac and Molly's Philly Adventure

March 12, 2005
Interns Mac Henry and Molly Samuel headed to Philadelphia today to collect sound and interviews for Henry's Intern Edition piece about alley cat racing. Alley cats are bike messenger races that imitate a messenger's regular work-- they are given a manifest of stops and then go as fast as they can to each, gathering a signature or other authentication at each. In this race, messengers went to seven different bars, collecting a playing card from each. The rider with the best hand after two hours won the race, though there were prizes for a variety of other categories: first finished, last finished, best out of town rider.

Mac and Molly hung out at the start and at one of the stops, and made a brief appearance at the after-party/awards ceremony. They learned a lot about Philly's messenger scene, met some cool people, looked at gorgeous track bikes, and generally enjoyed themselves in the city of brotherly love.

Intern Gets Lost in the Tennessee Punk Scene

Feb. 26, 2005
Arts Information Unit Intern Molly Samuel drove to Whitesburg, Kentucky, for her Intern Edition piece this weekend. The long drive became longer when she accidentally spent a lot of time lost in Tennessee and North Carolina -- neither of which is on the way. During the short time she was not driving in the wrong direction, Molly collected sound for her story about a tiny punk scene that has cropped up around a radio show on the community radio station, WMMT. (Notably, Samuel joined NPR straight from touring with her punk band, Red Tape Apocalypse.) She talked with the show's DJs about making friends through music, the importance of the show in their lives, and their views on what they say is a direct line from bluegrass to punk. Capping off the weekend, Molly hiked to a waterfall and drank some moonshine with one of the DJs.

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