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NPR's Spring 2005 Interns

Taylor Brittany-Ford
Taylor Brittany-Ford, Online
The daughter of a surly goat herder and a poor stick of gum, Taylor-Brittany Ford learned at an early age that direction is essential, and that by following the statement of "the great mint," you really can double you pleasure as well as your fun. But her childhood was rough, and often lost its flavor; so she ran away to a small farming town in Indiana where she worked at a Super Wal-Mart packaging beef hearts, hauling dog food, and selling locals electric fish. This sort of labor didn't dash her big dreams of being a journalist, and at night she toiled away in a small attic on a little old Remington she found in an auction barn.

One night, she felt a change in the wind, so she went out to California to double major in art history and international development studies and UCLA. There, she continued to work odd jobs such as floral arranger, professional photographer, copy editor for video installations, voice over professional, bassist, and overall Do-it-yourself badass. She got her big taste of public radio while being a production assistant for Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW in Santa Monica, CA. One thing she's picked up from hustling the Hollywood sharks: if you sleep, never stop moving.

Taylor was NPR's Intern of the Week for March 14, 2005. Interns of the Week are nominated for the award by fellow interns and stand as exemplary examples for prospective NPR interns.

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Eleanor Carr
Eleanor Carr, Morning Edition
Eleanor Carr (a.k.a. Elle; pronounced Elee) is an intern at Morning Edition and a fabulous intern-turned-reporter at Washington's own WAMU. She is a senior at American University's School of International Service, majoring in International Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Originally from Kansas City -- the Kansas side -- Elle moved to the District in 2001 after graduating from Bishop Miege High School. In 2003 she accepted an internship at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, where she spent a year working, writing, and traveling. Elle has also spent three summers working on development projects in Latin America with the Houston based NGO Amigos de las Americas. This summer she will take on the role of Associate Director of Amigos' Paraguay project, in which Elle hopes to expand the use of community-based initiatives in rural areas while involving local youth to ensure sustainability.

Elle's hobbies include reading, painting, pottery, and contemplating the state of mankind from behind desk 262a2. She also enjoys yoga and despises (yet secretly relishes) the world of U.S. politics, as well as writing fascinating accounts of her travels for the enjoyment of friends and family. Elle hopes to pursue a career in journalism and dreams of one day traveling through the geographically unique and culturally rich continent of Asia (all expenses paid, of course). In the mean time, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to intern at NPR and looks forward to meeting fellow employees and interns in the near future.

Elle was NPR's Intern of the Week for March 29, 2005. Interns of the Week are nominated for the award by fellow interns and stand as exemplary examples for prospective NPR interns.

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Patti Charles
Patti Charles, Communications
When you risk going too far, you discover how far you can go. That was the theme behind native Ohio resident Patricia Charles going all the way to Washington, D.C. to become a Media Relations intern at NPR. Although it may not seem far to some, it was the furthest away Patti had moved from her family and her hometown of Avon Lake.

A recent graduate of Ashland University, Patti was extremely involved in college. There, she served as the program director of her college radio station, assignment editor and reporter for her college television station, senior resident assistant in her dorm, secretary of the public relations club- the list goes on. Patti enjoys meeting new people, dancing and listening to music. Before coming to NPR, she worked for a local newspaper in Ohio, where she decided it was time for a change of scenery. Now, she is in Washington, D.C., and thrilled to be here.

Patti was NPR's Intern of the Week for April 4, 2005. Interns of the Week are nominated for the award by fellow interns and stand as exemplary examples for prospective NPR interns.

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Daneille Demming
Danielle Demming, Audio Engineering
Danielle is a 20-year-old native of South Orange, N.J. She currently attends Howard University in the nation's capital as a junior audio production major and secondary education minor. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in music technology and audio engineering, ideally as a live sound technician. In addition, she plans on eventually receiving her master's degree in education because she has a heart for educating underprivileged minorities. She ultimately hopes to one day own her own production studio so that she can write and produce her own music as well as that of others.

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Rachel Guberman
Rachel Guberman, National Desk
Rachel Guberman has been hooked on making radio ever since cutting her first piece of tape as a freshman newscast intern at WBUR in Boston. A life long NPR listener, she's been in and out of the Boston station ever since, writing hourly newscasts and filling in as a producer for Here & Now, the station's daily newsmagazine.

In August 2004, Rachel graduated with highest honors from the University of Michigan. After spending a few months exploring the secret world of DALET and getting to know the fab folks at NPR, she's now hoping to find a real public radio job so she can move out of her parents' basement.

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Mac Henry
Mac Henry, Radio Expeditions
Radio Expeditions intern Mac Henry hails from Concord, New Hampshire. During and after high school, she herded sheep for a project promoting alternative vegetation control methods under power line pathways. Escaping from the electromagnetic radiation, Mac attended Carleton College, where she studied ultimate frisbee and religion. Her religion work focused on the role of prophecy and rebellion in colonial North America. While she no longer reads the diaries of colonial missionaries, Mac is still working on her break mark throws.

Mac has completed extended wilderness trips around the U.S. and Canada, and tries to spend as much time as possible out of doors. She is happy to bring her love of wilderness and enthusiasm for logistics and planning to Radio Expeditions and greatly enjoys learning how to tell detailed stories about threatened people and places. In 2004, she organized and then completed a four-person, 26-day, 300-mile canoe descent of the Rupert River, which flows from the middle of Quebec to James Bay. This summer she will return to the wet, cold, buggy and beautiful region as the leader of a group of 15- and 16-year-olds. Mac plans to spend at least some of the fall surfing in Maine and speaking with elders in an Acadian fishing village in southwest Nova Scotia.

Mac was NPR's Intern of the Week for April 25, 2005. Interns of the Week are nominated for the award by fellow interns and stand as exemplary examples for prospective NPR interns.

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Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones, All Songs Considered
Jeremy Jones was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. When he wasn't busy conquering the windy peaks of sand dunes, biking rugged forests, or skiing down the snow-capped mountains, Jeremy attended Willamette University, across the street from Oregon's capital building in Salem, OR. While there, he studied computer science (his major), and stayed extremely involved with music (his minor). He integrated these two interests with his work in digital audio when he composed and mastered several audio tracks and assisted with the production of a CD. He began playing the trombone, his instrument of choice, in sixth grade, and has performed in locations throughout the west coast and Europe. As an intern with NPR's online music show, All Songs Considered, Jeremy listens to unsigned artists to create the open mic portion of the show. He also archives featured CDs, tracks down new and upcoming albums, and creates and updates various pages on the website.

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Lauren Kamm
Lauren Kamm, Communications
Lauren Kamm is the intern in corporate communications, working closely with media relations. She is recognizable as the confused girl peering down random hallways trying to get back to her desk. In attempts to avoid such a situation, she leaves 557G as little as possible.

The twenty-year-old intern hails from the cornfields of the University of Iowa but, like most UI students, she calls a suburb of Chicago her home. Majoring in journalism, Lauren is in her junior year with a PR concentration and a business minor.

Lauren has experience with print journalism, writing for the Daily Iowan as a metro reporter, but her radio experience is limited to singing (or shouting depending on the perspective) along with the stations in her car. In addition, Lauren worked on a campaign for Senate back in Iowa as the scheduler of events and promotions. She has many wild campaign stories as a result -- one including a runaway candidate and his driver! Working mostly nights and weekends, she planned and executed promotional events for Bacardi, on the side. Lauren is also a member of the UI chapter of PRSSA.

Lauren is senior staff handling promotions for Intern Edition.

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Leticia Makin
Leticia Makin, Weekend Edition Saturday
Leticia Makin is interning at Weekend Edition Saturday. The Australian athlete has a passion for news and the dream to make a difference. She graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, in July 2004 with a major in broadcast journalism. Leticia comes from a TV background, having worked as a reporter for Channel 9 in Sydney.

Leticia spent a year at Boston University on a track scholarship, before returning to Australia to graduate and compete in the 2004 Australian Olympic Trials. She has been running since the age of seven, competing at an international level since the age of 15, was a member of the Sydney 2000 olympic torch relay, and has now turned her athletic sights to triathlons.

With a desire to travel the world for work and racing, Leticia's ideal job would have her working as a news reporter and documentary filmmaker. She is driven, goal-orientated and willing to put it all on the line -- probably the reason she has broken 11 bones at the tender age of 22. Sometimes less is more!

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Veronica Miller
Veronica Miller, Weekend Edition Saturday
After applying to NPR four times, Veronica Miller finally annoyed the human resources department enough to hire her as an intern. Now, the staff at Weekend Edition Saturday keeps her busy, sending her to rent and return obscure movies and designating her as the person to retrieve mysterious guests from the lobby.

The Pittsburgh native is a senior journalism major at Howard University, just a 10-minute MetroBus ride away from NPR headquarters. Veronica is a self-proclaimed "radio brat;" when she was four, her disc jockey dad recorded her voice for station promos, and she hasn't put down the headphones since. Between three stations (American Urban Radio Networks, Pittsburgh's WAMO-FM, Howard's WHBC 830 AM), she's been a writer, producer, traffic reporter, promotions coordinator, on-air personality, news anchor, and Starbucks gopher -- not in that order. Veronica also loves words and spent a year as a staff writer at Howard University's Hilltop. She interned with Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, writing features for just before joining NPR.

When she's not hopping on the number 70 bus to join the cast of characters at WESAT, Veronica is usually doing one of four things: dancing, studying, making jewelry, or dancing some more. She's executive director of the Vizion Performance Team at Howard University, which competes annually and keeps her in constant rehearsals. So if you see her doing a little boogie in her seat, don't fret-she's just practicing again.

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Nadea Mina
Nadea Mina, All Things Considered
Nadea Mina is the All Things Considered intern. She can usually be found running around ATC's second floor offices, script in hand, waiting for a break in the show so she can sprint into the studio, leaving behind only story updates and a dust cloud in the air as she sprints back out. Athletic ability wasn't listed as a requirement for her intership, but it is definitly aiding in her success.

Mina recently graduated with a journalism degree from Califronia Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo (halfway between L.A. and San Francisco). She finds it particularly difficult to adjust from the beautiful beach weather of the central west coast to the unpredicatable cold weather of D.C. This is the California native's first real experience with radio, having previously been very focused on print journalism. She finds the added dimension of sound makes the radio process much more exciting than churning out a 500-word print story on a computer.

Nadea was NPR's Intern of the Week for March 7, 2005. Interns of the Week are nominated for the award by fellow interns and stand as exemplary examples for prospective NPR interns.

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Enrique Rivera
Enrique Rivera, Talk of the Nation
Enrique Rivera is a 21-year-old junior at American University, majoring in broadcast journalism. He was born and raised in Washington, D.C. by his father, native to Puerto Rico, and mother, from El Salvador.

Enrique started working in radio when he was 18 years old as a participant of Youth Radio DC at the Latin American Youth Center. The following year, Enrique became peer teacher for the program. In 2003, Enrique was made assistant producer of Youth Radio DC and went on to be producer for the summer session of 2004.

In August of 2004 Enrique and members of Youth Radio from around the country and Mexico made a trip to New York City to cover the Republican National Convention. Enrique did a piece for Youth Radio and NPR called "Conservative Punks for Bush." which aired on Morning Edition.

Currently, the D.C. native is interning at Talk of The Nation. Next semester, Enrique plans to study abroad with American University. He will be studying Latin American history in Chile, Peru, and Brazil.

Enrique was NPR's Intern of the Week for March 21, 2005. Interns of the Week are nominated for the award by fellow interns and stand as exemplary examples for prospective NPR interns.

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Molly Samuel
Molly Samuel, Arts Information Desk
Molly Samuel is the Arts and Information Desk intern. She came to NPR straight from a tour with her punk band, Red Tape Apocalypse. They sound like Blatz, only worse. In the eight months before that she lived in Oberlin, Ohio; Jackson, Miss.; and Ann Arbor, Mich. She is from Atlanta.

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Rana Sweis
Rana Sweis, All Things Considered
Rana F. Sweis is an intern for All Things Considered. She is a student at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University and worked for two years as a reporter at an English language weekly in Amman, Jordan. She covered mostly political and social issues and events in Jordan and the Middle East. She is a member of the Arab Women Media Center in Jordan.

Currently, Rana is a freelance reporter for an English language feature magazine in Amman. She graduated from Hofstra University in New York in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism. Her work has been published in the Jordan Times, the International Herald Tribune/Daily Star, The Star Newspaper in Jordan, and EYE magazine in Amman, Jordan.

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Laura Weiss
Laura Bissett Weiss, Washington Desk, Intern Edition Executive Producer
Somewhere between NPR's third floor and Point of Piraeus, Intern Edition Executive Producer Laura Bissett Weiss realized her true passion is for radio. This realization materialized during her internship at the Washington Desk, where she is currently leading the tenth production of NPR's Intern Edition.

Originally from Logan, Utah, Laura has been an avid writer since winning her third-grade writing contest with the three-page masterpiece, "This Little Piggy." Though it seemed impossible to build on such success, Laura continued to cultivate her writing skills at the University of Utah, where she was editor-in-chief, opinion editor and feature writer at The Daily Utah Chronicle. In August of 2004, she graduated summa cum laude in English and political science.

Along the way, Laura hosted a political radio show, played the violin in the 2002 Olympic Games Anthem Orchestra and Utah Philharmonia, was the "Jeffrey Dvorkin" of the University of Utah Honors Program, was a newspaper reporter in the 2002 Athlete's Village, and even managed to convince her family to travel to Monterey, CA, to visit the birthplace of Steinbeck's Cannery Row.

When not convincing people to go where they've never been, Laura loves running, reading The New Yorker (while pretending to be one) and soaking up D.C.'s rich artistic and musical life.

In the future, she hopes to stay in D.C. and, later in life, travel to Tibet, Nepal and South Africa. Meanwhile, she's planning to attend the rally encouraging Congress to pass the "No Intern Left Behind Act," which gives scientists the green light to research how to make money grow on trees.

Until then, Laura will be busy conducting her own independent research. Please email her donations and gently-used watering cans (which travel well via the Internet).

Laura was NPR's Intern of the Week for Feb. 28, 2005. Interns of the Week are nominated for the award by fellow interns and stand as exemplary examples for prospective NPR interns.

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