Intern Edition Summer 2004
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  • Bob Boilen, All Things Considered director
  • Peter Breslow, WESAT senior producer
  • Chad Campbell, Public and Media Relations manager
  • Felix Contreras, Cultural Desk producer
  • Bebe Crouse, National Desk supervising editor
  • Bill Deputy, Engineer
  • Bruce Drake, News and Information vice-president
  • Steve Drummond, National Desk supervising editor
  • Pam Duckett, News and Information administration
  • Ron Elving, Washington Desk editor
  • Robert Goldstein, music librarian
  • Barry Gordemer, Morning Edition senior producer
  • Emily Hellewell, Corporate Communications coordinator
  • Anne Hawke, National Desk associate editor
  • Jay Kernis, Programming senior vice-president
  • Deise Leary, Programming deputy general counsel
  • Emily Littleton, Corporate Communications manager
  • Linda Mack, Broadcast/Recording technician
  • Dana Maier, Next Generation Radio website coordinator
  • Bill Marimow, National Desk managing editor
  • Matt Martinez, WESAT producer
  • Charlie Mayer, ATC senior producer
  • Doug Mitchell, Next Generation Radio project manager
  • Kyle Orland, Corporate Communications Intranet associate
  • Jen Pearl, Communications publicity assistant
  • Michelle Shanahan, general counsel
  • Ellen Silva, TOTN producer
  • Art Silverman, ATC senior producer
  • Graham Smith, All Things Considered Producer
  • Walt Swanston, Diversity director
  • Maria Thomas, Online vice-president
  • Gwen Thompkins, WESAT senior editor
  • Nicole Todd, Creative Services graphic designer
  • Chris Turpin, ATC executive producer
  • Neda Ulaby, Cultural Desk art reporter
  • Ellen Weiss, National Desk editor

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2004 Intern Edition