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Frida Villalobos
Success Story: Former NAHJ student Gets Cool Job
June 15, 2006

Frida Villalobos is now a programming and branding assistant for Latin America Broadcasting (LAT TV). That means watching the shows to make sure they are OK to air and edited for language and content, and producing radio and TV promotions. The network is now on the air in five Southwest cities.

Success Story: NextGen mentor Sarah Hulett shortens her commute
March 6, 2006

Sarah has spent the last few years piling on the stories, awards and extra miles in her car, commuting to work each day in East Lansing from Detroit. She reports that she will begin a new job with Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor soon. Her old job is now posted. Interested? Check out "Find a job."
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Former Intern, 2 Former Students On Air Last Week
February 17, 2006

  1. Rob Ballenger (PRC 2001, Seattle) did a piece for ATC on Monday the 13th.
  2. Sarah Bush (NAHJ Summer 2005, Texas) files another piece from Bolivia for Day to Day on February 9th
  3. Amelia Shaw (TOTN intern, Summer 2003) covering the Haitian elections. Since the first of this year, she's been on NPR programs 19 times reporting from Haiti. She did her first piece for us shortly after first arriving in Haiti.
Former NPR Intern reports from Sundance Film Festival
February 7, 2006

"I thought you guys might like to hear this piece I did for All Things Considered about Chefdance—where a different celebrity chef cooks each night for a group of actors, directors, producers, etc. I got to meet Tyler Florence from the food network and ended up doing this profile on him."
Laure Weiss was Executive Producer of Intern Edition during Spring 2005.
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NextGen Student Reports from Bolivia
January 27, 2005

Sarah Bush, from the 2005 NAHJ project, says "When I was finishing my Peace Corps service in 2003, the president known as “El Gringo” was being overthrown by a popular uprising. This time, one of the architects of the uprising is being sworn in as president. He’s the first indigenous president in a primarily indigenous nation. I’ve brought my microphone and an intense desire to transmit what’s going on here to the U.S. public radio audience."
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Where are they now?
November 16, 2005

Liz Castro participated in the 2004 CBI/College Media project in Nashville:
"I currently work at Texas Public Radio in San Antonio, Texas. I am the weekend morning host and occasionally fill in during the week. I am also starting to pitch and produce stories to my Program Director. Currently we have no news department, but we are seriously looking to start one. I love working at Texas Public Radio, and look forward to sharpening my news producing and writing skills."

Two Halloween Stories from NextGen Alumni
November 16, 2005

Erika Solomon reports on a troupe of "ghost hunters" seeking out a spirit that is allegedly haunting an old coffee factory in Kansas City, Mo. on Day to Day.
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And the story that Claire Blaustein produced for Intern Edition aired on All Things Considered. How do we know when we hear evil in music? Is it the crashing dissonance, the screeching soprano?
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Where Are They Now?
October 14, 2005

Summer 2005 Online intern Andrew Synowiez, graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has formed the database and design company, Hueism. Andrew was the Online department's first Technical Intern in 2005 and learned a great deal about teamwork and project development - and is applying what he learned at NPR within Hueism.

Next Generation Radio Trivia Question
October 11, 2005

Question: On what date did two former NPR interns have their stories appear in the same program?

Answer: Saturday, October 1st, 2005 Eve Troeh (top, Summer 2000) and Sasha Khokha (Summer 2003). Sasha was in the first hour with "Solution Sought to Pacific Ocean Water Pollution" and Eve was in the second hour, with "Reviving the Music of New Orleans' WWOZ."

This just in: Sea Stachura, 2005 NextGen mentor and 2003 NPR intern, has accepted a job with Minnesota Public Radio, and starts October 25 as a reporter in the Rochester bureau.

NABJ Conference Participant Lands a Job
September 2, 2005

After returning from the 2005 NABJ conference in Atlanta, Andrew Etuk was on a mission for employment. Andrew is employed with ABC 13 in Houston and works with the 4,5 and 6 o'clock newscasts. He says he will be "like a sponge soaking up knowledge from weathered veterans in the business."

Former NextGen Student & Mentor Takes It "Day to Day"
August 24, 2005
Shereen Meraji is the new Associate Producer/director of Day to Day, out of NPR West in Los Angeles. Shereen was as a student in our NAHJ project in 2001 (left).

Intern Edition piece Picked Up by ATC
August 22, 2005
Yasmine Noujaim interned this summer with All Things Considered. She's just graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Yasmine's piece for Intern Edition was picked up by All Things Considered.

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