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Elizabeth Arenas
Jenny Asarnow
Elyssa Back
Maria Martina Castro
Deirdre Connors
Sarah Duran
Christopher Eddie
Rebecca Ekpe
Sierra Ferguson
Sabrina Ford

Elizabeth Arenas
Elizabeth Arenas,
Day to Day

Elizabeth Alejandra Arenas comes to the Day to Day show in Los Angeles, Calif., all the way from Orlando, Fla. She is a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida, where she received a B.A. in radio-television with a concentration in broadcast journalism. She minored in English writing, was on the Dean's and President's list, and was a reporter and the assistant news director for WNSC, the university's radio station.

She was an anchor/reporter for her campus television news program, the Knightly News. In high school she was a reporter for the Rave section of the Orlando Sentinel, a section dedicated to and written by high school students. At Valencia Community College, Elizabeth was a reporter for her campus newspaper, The Valencia Source. Elizabeth has interned for Orlando's News Channel 13 and WESH News Channel 2. She even interned for an independent film production company, Primo Pictures.

Elizabeth was born in Bronx, N.Y., and moved to Florida in 1989. Her parents are from Santiago, Chile; Elizabeth hopes to go there in the near future.

She can't live without her Post It Notes. They keep her life together and remind her of all the things she has to get done. She loves gangster movies, comedies, and winter. She also loves music and has a weird knack for knowing music artists and their song titles. Her friends always go to her when they need to know who sings what. Maybe one day she can be on one of those music jeopardy shows. Hey, anything is possible!

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Jenny Asarnow
Jenny Asarnow,
All Songs Considered

Jenny Asarnow was born in Los Angeles, Calif., but got out of there quickly by the age of two. She believes the only thing she took with her is a love of palm trees and good diners. Luckily, Jenny grew up in suburban New Jersey, where good diners abound. She will heatedly defend New Jersey to anyone who puts it down, but also hopes never to live there again.

In 1999, Jenny left for Providence, R.I., where she attended Brown University. There she studied history, discovered radio and had a good time working on features pieces and experimenting with sounds and voices.

Jenny graduated on Memorial Day, and three days later found herself at NPR. Now she listens to all the music sent to All Songs Considered. Jenny is living in the 'burbs' with her boyfriend, Peter.
Jenny has no idea what she will be doing in two months, but she is thinking of moving to either the Pacific northwest or Mexico.

"It's time to get away from the east coast," says Jenny. "Hopefully, in 10 years I'll be living in a bed and breakfast/ artists' collective that I intend to form somewhere out in the middle of nowhere."

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Elyssa Back
Elyssa Back,
NPR Online

At a wedding recently, Elyssa was asked by a fellow guest where she was from. "Umm, uh," she stammered, trying hard not to appear stumped by this simple question. "I am a grad student in Connecticut, but I am in Washington, D.C. for the summer. I was born in Pittsburgh, but have not lived there in almost 10 years. I lived in Seattle for four years before school. So, um, I guess I am from Seattle. Yes, that is where I am from."

Her nomadic lifestyle led to a lot of interesting adventures: She spent three months living in a national park, saw more than 10 events at the 1996 Olympic Games and visited both the top and bottom of the Americas (Alaska and Argentina) during her travels last summer.

Elyssa is a graduate student at Yale, studying business and non-profit management. She is excited to be working in the NPR online group and hopes to run into David Sedaris, if he is ever in the building.

picture of Maria Martina Castro to come
Maria Martina Castro, Talk of the Nation

Martina Castro recently graduated from Amherst College with a bachelor's in women's and gender studies. She was born to immigrants from Uruguay and grew up in northern Virginia. Her interests in journalism started in high school when she was the content editor for a start-up website called Since then she has interned at Talk Radio News Service in Washington, D.C. Her other interests include yoga, music, documentary and experimental film and sound art. She has also been trained in classical voice for the past nine years.

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Deirdre Connors
Deirdre Connors,
Corporate Communications

Deirdre Connors, from Bethesda, Md., is a senior at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She is an English major concentrating in creative writing and literature and also enjoys psychology. Deirdre has spent the past two summers in Manhattan working for Elle Magazine in the editorial and fashion/bookings departments. She spent last semester abroad in Sydney, Australia where she studied English, sociology and communications. She traveled the entire east coast of Australia as well as New Zealand (and tiny islands off the northeast coast), and really enjoyed her experiences there (ignoring the hostels and dingo run-ins). Deirdre says that she spent just as much time on public transport as she did seeing the world, but can't wait to keep seeing more and more beautiful things as she gets older.

In her free time, she loves reading (anything from fashion magazines to Virginia Woolf), writing (she hopes to write an autobiography some day soon), days at the beach (when she's lucky enough to be near one), and sitting at random coffee shops with friends. She's convinced that every experience is a great one because even the bad/bizarre experiences make for comical stories later on.

Sara Duran
Sarah Duran,
Legal division

A law clerk in the General Counsel's Office since January, Sarah Duran is about to start her final year at the University of Baltimore Law School. She hopes to practice media law after she graduates.

Before law school, Sarah worked for about a dozen years as a daily newspaper reporter covering primarily courts and breaking news. Most recently, she worked at The News Tribune in Tacoma, Wash. where she covered the World Trade Organization riots, the arrest of the Green River Killer and the crash of Alaska Airline flight 261 off the California coast. She also worked with member station KPLU on a project about Washington State's troubled parole system.

Sarah currently lives in Laurel, Md., with her husband, Neal, and her border collie, Kody.

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Christopher Eddie, NPR Library

Born in 1975 in Louisville, Ky., Chris Eddie was raised in Columbus, Ohio. He earned a bachelor's in history from Miami University in 1997 and a master's in history from the University of Cincinnati in 2000. He is attending the University of Maryland in pursuit of a master's in library and information science. He rowed for four years at Miami University, and now coaches the men's novice rowing team at the University of Maryland. He moved to Columbia, Md., within the past year and also recently married.

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Rebecca Ekpe
Rebecca Ekpe,
Weekend All Things Considered

Rebecca will graduate from the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton on August 7, 2004 and receive a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in political science. Rebecca was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa and says, "My ambition is to become an international journalist. Personally, I see NPR as an awesome opportunity for me to advance my cause." This is based on the network's global perspective on news ideas and issues. As an Intern with the newsmagazine Weekend All Things Considered she hopes to make the best out of this opportunity and team. Yes! Teamwork, being detail-oriented and making it happen is what NPR stands for, according to Rebecca, and she shares those values. She is looking forward to working with NPR in the future.

Rebecca was awarded a scholarship to the UNT's Graduate Institute of Journalism, where she will enroll next fall. Rebecca offers valuable advice: "I believe discovering one's potential is essential and don't let anyone say 'you cannot do it'"

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Sierra Ferguson
Sierra Ferguson,
Office of the Ombudsman

Sierra Ferguson of Gainesville, Florida is the first intern at NPR to work in the Office of the Ombudsman. While at NPR, Sierra will create a radio segment about Argentine tango as she recently studied the dance in Buenos Aires. Although she could see herself as a foreign correspondent for NPR, she is also considering a career in law or flamenco. However, first she must finish her last year at Pomona College in sunny California where she studies politics, economics and French. She hopes to one day design and build a Florida Cracker-style house with three of her closest girlfriends in Melrose, Fla.

Sabrina Ford
Sabrina Ford, Tavis Smiley Show

Sabrina Ford majors in journalism at San Francisco State University and will receive her bachelor's in 2005. She was raised in Berkeley, Calif., and graduated from Saint Mary's College High School. This summer she is interning with The Tavis Smiley Show at NPR West.

Sabrina's interests include reading, writing, fashion and pop culture. She also enjoys walking around the flea market in Berkeley ("they have the most unique handmade jewelry," she says) and spending time with close friends and family. Her favorite movie is Robert Townsend's The Five Heartbeats. Mariah Carey and Prince top her list of favorite artists and she is impatiently waiting for the Jodeci reunion CD. Aside from her journalism courses, Sabrina has taken a particular interest in black studies.

Sabrina has chosen to study journalism because she believes, "The sharing and exchange of people's stories leads to understanding, and exposes people to truths they never would have known. Journalism changes the world and I want to be a part of that."

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