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Hermosilla is Correspondent for Radio in Chile

Marķa Paz Hermosilla
Newscast Intern Marķa Paz Hermosilla files stories for a national news radio station that broadcasts to 98% of her home country of Chile. As Radio Bio-Bio's Washington Correspondent, she has done live reports on the events surrounding former President Ronald Reagan's death, on Sen. Kerry's selection of Sen. Edwards as his candidate for vice-president and on the hispanic vote in the upcoming election.

Maria Paz thinks it is a great way to get experience and professional recognition. She recently graduated from the Catholic University of Chile with a degree in journalism. She plans to begin her job hunt when she returns home in September.

Whenever Maria Paz sees a story that could be of interest to listeners in Chile, she pitches it via email to the news producers. She writes approximately 30 seconds of copy to read live over the phone from Washington. After that she answers the newscaster's questions for a couple of minutes. "Events in the U.S. can have a deep effect on other countries, and that is what I try to convey in my reports," she says.

Maria Paz has also done her own reporting in Washington. She attended a blessing ceremony of a three ton boulder from Chile at the National Museum of the American Indian, which opens September 21st. The rock, which traveled 18,000 miles to reach Washington, was donated by the Yagan indians of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. She also went to the White House to cover a meeting between Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and President George W. Bush.

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