Next Generation Radio Training Guide

Most of us have been to conferences, seminars, classes, training sessions and the presenter-instructor usually has something to handout to the class/attendees. And during the class/presentation, it is referred to, many things are learned (or not) and then everyone gets up and leaves. Usually, the handout, the invaluable piece of paper that the instructor-presenter spends several hours making for that specific occasion, is left on the table. Or there are promises to keep that highly informative piece of paper, only to have it tossed in the round file.

So, a few years ago, after attending dozens and dozens of these opportunities for higher learning, we decided to start collecting (and keeping) all the various broadcast journalism handouts. And, someone had a brilliant idea of not just keeping pieces of paper, but organizing them into a "book." The type of book that so many of our colleagues in Journalism schools were looking for. A book that seems to explain public radio, NPR and its formula for doing the kind of stories that we do. And, a book that is organized in the way a story comes together.beginning with the words and language we use to the difference between a notion and an idea to ethics to recording to writing to producing and then finally suggestions on finding a job. (Hint: start your career at a public radio station, not NPR).

Ladies and gentlemen, we present for your downloading enjoyment, the Next Generation Radio training guide.
(You'll need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (7.0) and a broadband connection, given this book is a 165 pages, and a hefty 55 MB.)

About Us

Next Generation Radio is a series of one-week, student radio training projects co-sponsored by NPR and several journalist and media organizations. The projects are designed to give students who are interested in radio and journalism an opportunity to report and produce their own radio story.

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