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2004 UNITY Conference

"UNITY: Journalists Of Color" concluded its third conference August 8th. The minority journalist organizations will now meet together every four years instead of every five, positioning their conference within the year of the US presidential election.

Nearly 60 professionals from NPR attended the conference and we lead the UNITY 2004 Radio project. We produced four newscasts, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also, we did a 5:00 video slideshow and we concluded our training project with a 46:00 "United Voices" newsmagazine. And we took some pictures

The 2004 UNITY Radio Project Staff:
  • Doug Mitchell - UNITY Radio Project Manager, NPR Washington DC
  • Traci Tong - UNITY Radio Managing Editor, WGBH, Boston
  • Danyell Irby - UNITY Radio Newscast Supervising Producer, NPR
  • Tom Krymkowski - UNITY Radio Technical Advisor, KQED San Francisco
  • Parris Morgan - UNITY Radio Technical Advisor, NPR Washington DC
  • Flawn Williams - UNITY Radio Technical Advisor, NPR Washington DC

2004 UNITY Radio Project Mentors
  • AnnMarie Baldonado - Producer, "Fresh Air" WHYY Philadelphia (AAJA)
  • Brenda de Anda - Producer, KTEP El Paso TX (NAHJ)
  • Ruby de Luna - Reporter, KUOW Seattle. (AAJA)
  • Mandalit del Barco - Reporter NPR Los Angeles (NAHJ- Lead)
  • Brian Bull - Assistant News Director, Wisconsin Public Radio (NAJA-Lead)
  • Bob Butler - Reporter, KCBS San Francisco (NABJ)
  • Bernadette Chato - Freelance journalist, Fairbanks Alaska (NAJA)
  • Ralph Cooper - Production Assistant, NPR's "Morning Edition." (NABJ)
  • Wilma Consul - Production Assistant, NPR's "Morning Edition"(AAJA-Lead)
  • Felix Contreras - Reporter, Arts Unit, NPR Washington DC (NAHJ)
  • Henrik Meng - Reporter/Producer "Warriors Radio" Oakland CA (AAJA)
  • Marisa Penaloza - Associate Producer, NPR's "National Desk" (NAHJ)
  • Teshima Walker - Producer, "The Tavis Smiley Show," NPR Los Angeles (NABJ)
  • Lisa Youvella - Station Manager/News Producer KUYI Hopi Radio (NAJA)

United Voice Radio Project Students

Asian American Jouralists Association:

Susan Leem
Click photo to hear Susan's piece for United Voices

Susan Leem - A Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota. She is the AAJA Intern at NPR and spent the summer working at NPR's "Morning Edition." Her mentor is Assistant News Director for Wisconsin Public Radio Brian Bull.

Eric Shih
Click photo to hear Eric's piece for United Voices

Eric Shih - A student at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver Ca. Eric has a Bachelor's in geological Sciences from Cornell and a Master's in Environmental Geomorphology from Oxford in the U.K. We'd also like to introduce him to NPR's "Science Desk." His mentor is Marisa Penaloza, Associate Producer for NPR's National Desk.

Michelle Kim

Michelle Kim - graduate of the college of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. She attended NPR's "Internship Fair" last January and is a member of the AAJA D.C. chapter. Currently Michelle is working part-time as a producer for NPR's member station WHRV in Norfolk Virginia. Her mentor is Lisa Youvella, News Producer and Station Manager of Hopi Indian Radio station KUYI.
Listen to Michelle's Wednesday Spot
Listen to Michelle's Thursday Spot

National Association of Hispanic Journalists:

Deanna Garcia
Click photo to hear Deanna's piece for United Voices

Deanna Garcia - New Mexico State University reporter for NPR- member station KWRG in Las Cruces. Deanne was our NAHJ intern this summer and worked with NPR's "Morning Edition." Her mentor is Ralph Cooper, Production Assistant for NPR's 'Morning Edition."

Jennifer Barrios
Click photo to hear Jennifer's piece for United Voices

Jennifer Barrios - A graduate student of the University of California-Berkeley. She's written for the New York Times and Mother Jones and is reporter for bay area radio station KALX. Jennifer just started reporting for the American-Statesman newspaper in Austin Texas. Jernnifer's mentor is NPR's Los Angeles reporter Mandalit del Barco

Roland Maldonado

Roland Maldonado - A Junior at Arizona State University. He's the Assistant News Director, Sales Director and talk show host at KASC-AM, the ASU college radio station in Tempe Arizona. Roland hosted our next generation radio newsmagazine from the College Media convention in Dallas last October. Roland is mentored by Bob Butler of station KCBS in San Francisco
Listen to Roland's Wednesday spot
Listen to Roland's Thursday spot
Listen to Roland's Friday Spot

Native American Journalists Association:

Kaeleen McGuire

Kaeleen McGuire - A Junior at Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado and member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Kaeleen was our NAJA intern this summer worked with NPR's "Radio Expeditions." Also, Kaeleen worked on the NAJA student print project last summer in Green Bay. Brenda de Anda, Assistant News Director for ABC 7 KVIA in El Paso Texas is Kaeleen's mentor.. Brenda is a former UNITY and NAHJ student participant.
Listen to Kaeleen's Thursday Spot.
Listen to Kaeleen's Saturday Spot.

Shannon White
Click photo to hear Shannon's piece for United Voices

Shannon White - A Senior at the University of South Dakota. She is a member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton-Sioux tribe and this summer interned with South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle's office in Washington. Shannon's mentor is Ruby de Luna, reporter for NPR member station KUOW in Seattle

Jeremy Brascoupe
Click photo to hear Jeremy's piece for United Voices

Jeremy Brascoupe - Jeremy is in his final year at the First Nations Technical Institute in Toronto and has worked with Canada's "Aboriginal Voices" radio. He's a member of the Algonquin tribe and came highly recommended by UNITY 1999 participant and "United Voices" host, Andre Morriseau. Jeremy's mentor for the UNITY project was Teshima Walker. Teshima is a producer for "The Tavis Smiley Show" that's based in Los Angeles California.

National Assocation of Black Journalists:

Jason Frazer

Jason Frazer - Jason just graduated from Columbia University in New York City. Jason, who was born and raised in New York City, has interned with CBS News, HBO and New York City U.S. Congressman Charles Rangel.
Listen to Jason's Wednesday spot.
Listen to Jason's Friday spot.
Listen to Jason's Saturday spot.

Kristin Currin
Click photo to hear Kristin's piece for United Voices

Kristin Currin - A senior at San Diego State University in San Diego California. Kristin spent a year at member station KPBS as a production assistant for the KPBS radio program "These Days" and for the program "Editor's Roundtable." Her supervisor at KPBS says Kristin is "definitely a public radio person."

Nicole Merritt
Click photo to hear Nicole's piece for United Voices

Nicole Merritt - Nicole just graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Radio-Television-Film and a minor in Journalism. She's interned with a Bay Area televison station, worked for the President of the university and has done radio promotions for San Jose State's college radio station KSJS. She says she has wanted to be a reporter since she was "knee high."