megan Barbershops in Downtown Raleigh

by Megan Moskop
All over the US, downtowns are coming back to life with new construction and new residents. Raleigh is no exception. Private developers and the city have invested almost 3 billion dollars in projects now under construction. But one thing that characterizes Raleigh's downtown in particular, is the large number of old-fashioned Barbershops. Next Generation Radio's Megan Moskop visited several of these barbers to find out how they plan to fit in to the changing face of downtown Raleigh. Listen to the piece. | Watch a slideshow.

stephanie Josh Sommer: Studying to Live

by Stephanie Bowens
Twenty-year-old Duke junior Josh Sommer enjoys hanging out with friends like most college students, but these days he doesn't have much spare time. Sommer spends 20 hours a week or more in a lab studying cells, but it's not for a class project. He's doing research to save his own life. Next Generation Radio's Stephanie Bowens has his story. Listen to the piece. | Watch a slideshow.

ricky A Fresh Perspective

by Ricky Watson
What do you think about when you think of black college students? Michael Jordan, Lawrence Taylor, Grant Hill? What about the black student who isn't an athlete? What is your picture of him? Next Generation Radio's Ricky Watson is a student who has some personal insights on this topic. Listen to the piece. | Watch a slideshow.

katie Female Farmers

by Katie Macpherson
Close your eyes and imagine a farmer. What comes to mind? Maybe a guy in overalls riding a tractor who may or may not have a wheat stalk sticking out of his mouth. But these days, it's becoming more and more common for a woman to be the one driving the tractor. Women have always been substantial contributors on the farm, but these days, they're owning and operating farms in record numbers. In North Carolina, the number of female-operated farms rose 35% between 1992 and 2002. Next Generation Radio's Katie Macpherson reports on this changing face of farming. Listen to the piece. | Watch a slideshow.

john Chapel Hill Shelter Move

by John Vaughn
In the next year and a half, the only homeless shelter serving downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro is moving several miles down the street. The move has been years in the making. Business owners hope that with the move, panhandlers working the streets downtown will disappear. But shelter supporters say that won't make them go away. Next Generation Radio's John Vaughn reports. Listen to the piece. | Listen to the making of the piece.

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