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March 24, 2000
Siriol Evans, NPR

NPR Worldwide Wins Regulatory Approval for Cable Distribution in France

Le Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (CSA), France's regulatory agency for radio and television broadcasting, has approved a request by NPR Worldwide to distribute its English-language programming via cable throughout France. NPR Worldwide brings award-winning news, information and cultural programs from National Public Radio® (NPR®), America's premier public radio service, to audiences around the world.

In a letter to NPR, CSA President Hervé Bourges indicated that the CSA is pleased [by the prospect of] NPR's increased presence in France and by the development of its audience, which will foster the establishment of new ties between the American and French cultures.

While NPR Worldwide programming is already available to satellite households in France via the ASTRA satellite, the CSA's approval opens the door for significant audience growth via cable distribution. NPR Worldwide is now free to initiate immediate discussions with French cable operators to secure distribution agreements in Paris and other cities. Such agreements would increase NPR Worldwide's availability to American expatriates residing in France, and others interested in NPR's standard-setting journalism and cultural programs.

French cable operators interested in distributing NPR Worldwide programming should contact Robert Spier (+ 1 202 414 2620, or or Franklin Adams ( +1 202 414 2026, or

NPR Worldwide content is available to radio, cable and satellite households in more than 50 countries. NPR Worldwide serves residents of Tokyo, Frankfurt, Seoul, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Geneva, Stockholm, Athens, Dublin and Helsinki. It is also available throughout Japan, Australia, Sweden, and parts of the Middle East. A complete NPR Worldwide carriage list is available on NPR Online at

In the US, NPR serves a growing audience of 14.6 million Americans each week via 625 member stations.